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Renault’s future models will be limited to 112mph

Future models from Renault and Dacia will have speed limits in them from factory with a top speed restriction of 112mph, this is a move to hopefully make the vehicles it sells safer. The Renault Group is not only limiting speed, but also adding some other safety tech into its cars, with something calling “Detect”, “Safety Coach” and “Rescue Code”. The speed limiting tech will only apply to The Renault […]

Renault announce all new Kangoo van with ‘pillarless’ side door

In the last few weeks, Renault has announced the all new Kangoo small panel van, which will be available in petrol and diesel and as well as a fully electric version, sitting under the ZE brand. Renault will put the new van on sale here in the UK this summer. The new Kangoo also features a new ‘pillarless’ sliding door, which Renault is calling ‘Open Sesame’. ‘Open Sesame’ as pictured […]

Renault announces new hydrogen version of its Master van

This week Renault has announced the new Master ZE Hydrogen which will be unveiled later this year with an aim to go on sale in 2022. The company already has the Master ZE on sale, an all electric cargo van capable of around 100 miles on one charge, which for a large variety of use cases and businesses, that just isn’t viable and traditionally that is where a diesel van […]

Dacia will have a Renault-based, all-electric car in the next two years

Romanian car company Dacia is famed for making really inexpensive but good quality cars here in the UK, its parent company Renault supplies parts from older models to drive the price down but until now the company has not had an electric car or any hybrid for that matter. Whereas Renault has launched EV models with the now famous Zoe and Twizzy as well as multiple electric van models, which […]

Renault confirms electric Twingo ZE to arrive this year

Renault has confirmed that a new electric version of the Twingo city car will be going on sale later this year, but only for Europe and not for the UK market. Renault already makes a few electric only models, the most famous being the Zoe and Twizzy cars. In the next twelve months, Renault is planning on two new electric cars, one being the new Twingo ZE and also a […]