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Tesla has eight new Service Centres marked as “Coming soon” in the UK

Tesla currently has nine service centres here in the UK, which up until the popularity increase of the Model 3 lately has probably been enough to sustain the current level of Tesla owners here. However, Tesla is looking to nearly double that with eight new service centres marked as “coming soon” at various locations around the country. Tesla currently has service centres in the following locations – Birmingham – Bristol […]

Tesla Model 3 now has wireless phone charging as standard

The Tesla Model 3 was actually announced quite a while ago now, just over four years ago Elon Musk unveiled the car in 2016 and since July 2017 it has been in production. During that time Tesla has made enormous advancements with the software, as usual but Tesla hasn’t made many external and physical changes to the Model 3 until now, as a reader from Electrek has said that new […]

Elon Musk says, Tesla is ready to start mass production of the Semi

Tesla announced the Semi, as well as roadster back at the end of 2017 – almost three years ago and neither vehicle is available yet. The Roadster is about a year away, if recent rumours are to be believed and only a few weeks ago at the end of April it was reported that the Semi has been delayed until next year. Now today, Elon has said that the Semi […]

Jay Leno will have Elon Musk on his show this week, driving the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla announced the Cybertruck pickup truck last year in November to a very mixed audience and reception. But that didn’t seem to stop 250,000 people pre-ordering the truck within the first few days. This week on Jay Leno’s Garage Elon Musk makes an appearance and Jay drives Elon around in the upcoming Cybertruck, albeit a prototype as the truck is not expected to be on sale until 2021. Elon did reveal in […]

Tesla Model 3 in Long Range RWD configuration has now entered production in China

In the last few days, news has come about that the Long Range Rear Wheel Drive version of the Tesla Model 3 has now started being produced in the Gigafactory in China. The car is now available to order in China too, but deliveries have not started yet. This car will cost more than the existing entry level car, the Standard Range Plus which has recently had its price dropped […]

The Tesla Powerwall will now stop charging your Tesla, if the power goes out

The Tesla Powerwall is a brilliant product to buy if you have regular power outages where you live and also much better, if you have solar panels installed. Without solar, the Powerwall can charge up when energy is cheaper and provide a ‘whole home UPS’ if the power goes out. If you have solar too, it can store the energy collected in the day for use at night, when electricity from […]

The Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in the UK last month

UK car sales have been pretty nonexistent lately, which is pretty much a given due to the ongoing pandemic. In fact, new car sales here in the UK have dropped dramatically by 97% due to the heath crisis. In April, only 4,321 brand new cars were sold, this time last year that number was 161,064. The other news comes from Tesla, which in April made up 15% of those 4,321 […]

Tesla Semi delayed until next year

This week, Tesla has announced that deliveries of the upcoming Semi truck have now been delayed until 2021 with the original launch date being 2019. Tesla announced the delay during its Q1 2020 earnings presentation. Tesla has not provided any reasoning behind the delay, it only said it is “shifting” the delivery timeframe until next year. This is very likely due to be down to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Source: […]

Tesla has now built one million electric vehicles

This week, Tesla achieved a pretty large milestone. It has now produced over one million cars and the one-millionth one was a Model Y, the company’s latest model which is due to be shipping to customers very soon. Elon Musk (Tesla CEO), shared some photos on Twitter. Congratulations Tesla team on making our 1,000,000th car!! pic.twitter.com/5M99a9LLQi — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 10, 2020

Tesla launches a new ‘track pack’ for the Model 3

Last week, Tesla launched the new ‘track pack’ for the Model 3 Performance to help the car cope better when being used on a race track, which people tend to do. The new pack is also joined by an over the air update, with Track Mode V2 which adds new features and metrics to monitor. What’s in the new track pack? The package is $5,500 and includes new performance wheels, […]