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Twitter is limiting how many users you can follow per day, to help reduce spamming

  Every social media platform has issues with spam, but Twitter has announced this week that they helping to combat the effects of spam on its platform. This week, Twitter has reduced the amount of accounts you can follow per day. It used to be 1,000 and it is now dropped to 400. Twitter says that this should reduce the amount of spam and abuse that happens currently. Follow, unfollow, […]

With version 7.3, Twitter stops supporting iOS 9

Yesterday, the official iOS app for Twitter was updated to version 7.3 and amongst the usual bug fixes and feature improvements, support for iOS 9 was removed. Granted, not many devices are running a software version that old anymore, most of them can now run iOS 10 or later. iOS 9 If you haven’t updated and have a device that can, we highly encourage you to do so, as in […]

Twitter is ending support for its apps on Roku, Android TV and Xbox

Twitter seems to be struggling to keep apps alive lately. In the past couple of months, the macOS app for Twitter was pulled and now today the company is ending support for the clients which run on Xbox, Android TV and Roku. Going forward the company is suggesting to use the main website, twitter.com to get the best experience of Twitter. However, unlike the macOS version of Twitter which just […]

Twitter has invested $70 million in SoundCloud

Twitter has dabbled with the music industry in a few ways, the company’s own Twitter Music service was shut down a few years back because no one knew it existed but now Twitter is back and has invested $70 million in SoundCloud, bringing the value of the audio service to $700 million. The actual deal was made public, but the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didnt actually divulge the actual amount […]

Periscope videos are now embedded in Twitter feeds

Periscope, Twitter’s own live streaming service now finally plays and streams directly from Twitter. Before this change, if someone who you’re following went live then to even watch the live stream you had to open up the Periscope app and then watch it, now with this new update for iOS users the Periscope streams will appear directly within the Twitter app and interact with it. Periscope statement: “For broadcasters, this means […]

Politwoops will start archiving politicians tweets again

If you use Twitter on a daily basis then you’ll likely know that various politicians who use the social network make mistakes with tweets or post something controversial, and then promptly delete them. For a long time those tweets were archived by a website called Politwoops, but earlier this year Twitter removed access to the website which was collecting and archiving tweets from politicians in around thirty countries, the argument which Twitter […]

Twitter for Mac finally updated, new dark theme, messages and more

Back in October we found out that Twitter was working on a brand new version of the app for the Mac, something which has been a few years in waiting. The update is free and is a complete overhaul with a brand new design which beings it inline with the iPhone version as well as a dark theme, which matches the dark theme on OS X. “Twitter for Mac is […]

Jack Dorsey is the new CEO of Twitter

Twitter has a new CEO today, Jack Dorsey who is actually one of the company’s original founders back in 2006. Dorsey has been expected to take the position for a while now as he has been a “interim CEO” since June of this year as Dick Costlolo stepped down. Jack Doresey is now a CEO of two companies, Twitter and Square, Jack will remain as the CEO of Square. “We’re […]