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Volkswagen has now started Golf 8 deliveries again, following software issue

Last month, we reported that Volkswagen had suspended any new deliveries of the new eighth generation Golf, due to software issue. The issue that was discovered, would mean the Golf would have problems with emergency calls. The software for cars to detect and accident and then contact the emergency services is now a mandatory feature in the EU and has been since 2018. But Volkswagen has said today this issue […]

Volkswagen launches new entry level 1.0-litre Golf

Today, Volkswagen has launched a new entry level spec for the current Golf 8. We now get a 1.0-litre engine on the Golf Life with only a manual gearbox, starting at £23,300. When Volkswagen starting selling the eighth generation Golf in February, only two 1.5-litre petrol engines and two 2.0-litre diesel engines were offered. The new 1.0-litre engine is used in other Volkswagen cars as well as others vehicles from […]

Volkswagen announces new ABT all electric Transporter

This week, Volkswagen announced the new all electric e-Transporter, but it isn’t the all conquering all electric panel van you’d expect it to be. The e-Transporter wasn’t fully developed by Volkswagen, like the e-Crafter was – instead Volkswagen has partnered with ABT to create the e-Transporter. It only has a range of 82 miles which means it’ll be most useful in cites as delivery vans. The e-Transporter is based on […]

Volkswagen Golf 8 deliveries have been put on hold, due to a software issue

This week, Volkswagen has stopped any new deliveries of the new Golf 8 due to a new software issue which has been discovered. Volkswagen has “immediately stopped delivering the Golf 8” to address the issue, which is related to contacting emergency services in the event of an accident. The software for cars to detect and accident and then contact the emergency services is now a mandatory feature in the EU […]

Volkswagen is on track to start selling the ID 3 in the UK by July

The upcoming Volkswagen ID 3 is tipped to be the big ‘mass market’ electric car the world needs, while the Tesla Model 3 has done an incredibly good job of bringing the price down to under £40,000 that is still too high for a lot of people but that hasn’t stopped it from being an incredibly well selling vehicle non-the-less. The upcoming ID 3 from Volkswagen is meant to be […]

Volkswagen’s factories in Brazil are to be kept closed throughout April

Volkswagen has announced today that its factories in Brazil will remain closed throughout April and the decision on whether to open them back up again in May remains to be seen. Throughout the world and mostly in Europe and the UK, car factories starting closing down in March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Volkswagen is working closely with the unions in Brazil, a deal has been made to keep […]

Despite ongoing electrification, Volkswagen is committed to keeping manual gearboxes around

With the ongoing electrification of cars, there are less and less cars offered with a manual gearbox, and for car enthusiasts this can ruin part of the experience of the car, how it feels and how it drives. Don’t get me wrong, the need for an alternative fuel source is long overdue, and its good to have a rough date on when petrol and diesel cars will be banned from […]

New Volkswagen e-up! gets 20,000 orders in the first three months

Volkswagen recently refreshed the up! city car line, this included the relaunch of the critically acclaimed up! GTI as well as the new e-up! which is now in its second generation. The 2020 e-up! went on sale in February this year. The 2020 e-up! went up for pre-orders back in November last year and officially went on sale in February. Volkswagen has revealed some sales figures for car, in the […]

Volkswagen e-Golf will stay in production for a bit longer

The Volkswagen e-Golf is based on the outgoing Mk7 Golf which, has now been replaced by the eighth generation – Volkswagen refers to this as the ‘Golf 8’. The e-Golf was due to be discontinued as soon as the new ID.3 electric car hits the market, which is expected to be this summer. However, some reports have now suggested that the launch date may be delayed due to current software […]