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Volvo’s Polestar has created a XC60 with 421bhp

With the recent news of Volvo’s decision to turn full electric by 2019, we weren’t expecting them to release a SUV with over 400bhp, but Polestar has done just that this week. XC60 The Volvo XC60 doesnt escape without some electric internals, this is a full hybrid SUV but it happens to have 421bhp. Polestar is what AMG is to Mercedes, an in house tuning skunkworks producing more powerful variants […]

Volvo commits to an all electric line up by 2019

For a while now, Tesla has really been the only major car manufacturer producing high quality electric vehicles, with notable leading features, such as the ever popular Autopilot, impressive 0-60 times and large touch screen to control everything on the cars. Well, that may soon change with the recent announcement from Volvo and its plans for the future. Tesla As mentioned above, Tesla is currently dominating the electric car market, […]

Volvo will be testing self-driving cars in public next year

It’s well known by now that Volvo lead the industry in car safety and how the car reacts when it crashes into something, but also the company has been developing self driving cars for a while now but Volvo has never tested the tech on the public and on roads used by everyone, only with engineers behind the wheel. Next year, Volvo will be letting the cars loose on the […]

Volvo will accept liability for any accidents with self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are the future and a large number of car company’s are getting in on the game to make a car that can drive by it’s self. The one company that is doing it in such expanse that it makes headlines is Google and out of the very few and minor accidents that its cars have had are at fault with a human controlled car which has put some […]