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OS X Bootcamp now supports Windows 10

Unless your head has been under a rock for the past few weeks, you’d know that Windows 10 has launched, now if you own a Mac you can now join in on the fun as Apple has now added support for Windows 10 in Boot Camp as part of a new update for OS X Yosemite. Boot Camp allows you to dual boot a Mac. As Windows 10 is roughly the […]

Windows 10 now has 27 million installs and already 3.7% market share

Windows 10 is doing extremely well at the moment, with being only just two weeks into the new operating system being available, today it already has 3.78% market share – it’s working its way to be a huge hit. Originally launched two weeks ago on the 29th July, two days later we reported that 14m people had already downloaded it. Opinion: Windows 8 sucked. Back in April 2013, statistics revealed […]

New laptops from Acer rival Chromebooks, but run Windows 10

Acer is entering Google’s territory with its new Cloudbook laptops which are very similarly priced and specced. Not long ago HP entered the really cheap Windows laptops with the HP Stream 11, now Acer is not only competing with HP but Google as well with its Chromebook devices. The two new laptops are named the Aspire One Cloudbook 11 and 14 which run Windows 10 and are powerful enough to run the […]

So far, 14m people have upgraded to Windows 10

Windows 10 is here, and we are just two days in and already, 14 million people have upgraded. Looks like the idea of free has paid off and a lot of people took the opportunity to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Demand for free Microsoft got this right as in the first 24 hours, 14 million people downloaded th latest version of Windows and I think that a lot […]

Poll: Windows 10 is here, but what do you think?

So this week, Windows 10 was launched but we would like to know if you are planning to upgrade, have upgraded or any other comments from the readers. We have covered Windows 10 extensively since it was announced and those post will be included below the poll to take a look at. [poll id=”3″] Windows 10 will use peer-to-peer networks for updates Windows 10 is to be the last version of […]

Windows 10 Mobile may come later in November

Windows 10 for PCs may be available today but for users with Windows Phones, the wait may be a bit longer for the new operating system update – as long as November say some sources. Microsoft have said that the delay is because they are pushing the update to the mobile carriers in the summer and then users will see Windows 10 Mobile later in the year. Windows 10 Mobile is […]

Windows 10 is coming July 29 – how to get prepared

Windows 10 is set to launch this week on Wednesday 29th July, a full nine months following the original announcement of the new operating system. But first let’s clear up why anyone should upgrade to Windows 10. Why upgrade to Windows 10? First of, it is free. Now this can have downsides as free stuff isn’t always the best, but Windows 10 is free for all Windows 7 and Windows […]

Cortana in Windows 10 is now coming to more countries

Cortana in Windows 10 will be arriving in more countries when the new operating system drops next Wednesday along with a few more countries to be compatible – including Australia, Canada and India – all of which are English only, also Japan is included. Later in the year the assistant will be available in Brazil, Mexico and Canadians who speak French. Like Siri, Cortana has to be taught local jokes, […]

Opinion: Windows Phone has promise, but no incentive to switch

Don’t get me wrong, Windows Phone is a very good platform with great Xbox and Office integration and with better apps coming all the time, but that’s something that is a huge problem with getting customers on board with the device. Apps. Despite the hardware being very good with the funky orange and green hues it has promise, but hardly any consumer interest. Personally I use a large amount of Google […]

Windows 10 10162 launches, third build in one week

This week has been a busy week for Windows Insiders, with three builds in one week, 10158 and 10159 now the latest from Microsoft is 10162. On Blogging Windows – the company posted some information on the new build. Bug squashing Windows 10 10159 included over 300 bug fixes and now 10162 has improved stability (which is much needed) improved battery life and boosted performance. This build is only for users in the Fast […]