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New Xbox One update will allow you to customise the startup

Amongst the gaming crowd the Xbox One isn’t as popular as Microsoft would like, they have tried various tactics to out smart the PlayStation 4 but in some areas the Xbox is loved. Personally I own a iMac and then use the  Xbox One for my games, but each to their own. Now in order to win back some users Microsoft is listening even more to the user, with it’s […]

Forza 6 Top Gear pack now available

News from Alex and Ed Gaming BBC Top Gear has been taken over by Chris Evans and crew from Clarkson, Hammond and May this year and this also means that the traditional Top Gear pack for Forza is now in the new name. The April pack has seven brand new vehicles, which includes the 2014 Ferrari FXX K, the 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn, the 2016 Audi R8 V10 plus, the 2016 […]

Xbox One will have background music this summer

Some news on when we will be getting an update for the Xbox One to enable background music has emerged from Phil Spencer, the Xbox head when a fan asked hum when we will expect to see the feature added to the console, but unfortunately it wont be until the summer, so until then Groove Music or YouTube will have to be snapped to the side for the time being.

Brand new update for Xbox One launches, available now

The new update for the Xbox One is finally available, it’s been in beta for months and this is basically Windows 10 under the hood and Microsoft is promoting it as so, it brings speed improvements, we’ve tested it on a new Forza 6 Xbox One and we can vouch that it’s much smoother for animations. It also has a brand new UI which makes it easier to get to […]

Xbox One wireless controller adaptor for Windows 10 now out

It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft has finally released the wireless adaptor for the Xbox One controller which works with Windows 10. Earlier today Microsoft announced that the new accessory will be available for purchase today for $25/£25 in most stores around the world. There are also some other bundles which includes the controller and the adaptor for $80. The adaptor works with Windows 10 and is available to […]

New Xbox One bundle launches with Elite controller and hybrid drive

This week Microsoft announced another Xbox One bundle, but this one is a bit different. It is called the Elite Bundle and hence the name it comes with the brand new Elite controller. The controller was unveiled earlier this year at E3 and features new buttons and the ability to customise it. The new bundle will be available on the Microsoft Store in November for $499. This Xbox One is kind […]

Forza 6 Demo now out for Xbox One

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Ahead of the launch on September 18 along with the special edition Xbox One for Forza 6, the demo is now available on Xbox One in the UK, US and Europe. The demo is designed to show off who the game will work in the full game including full working cockpits, racing in the rain an night time. Forza 6 is in full HD […]

New Windows 10 preview brings more features to Xbox app

Microsoft has recently update the Xbox app on Windows 10 for Insiders. Now Xbox One and Windows 10 are coming even closer together as the final release date for the upcoming operating system is drawing closer. Microsoft has added “Game Hubs” which were added to the Xbox One in a recent software update and the new Game Bar, which is similar to the snap feature on Xbox One. The Game Bar […]

May ‪Xbox‬ One update now out

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Today, the Xbox One is getting a feature from the Xbox 360. Voice messages are retuning to Xbox, the feature was originally on the Xbox 360, but for some reason was removed with the Xbox One. The new update is filtering out to users and also has the ability for you to turn the console on from SmartGlass – but only in the same […]

May ‪Xbox‬ One update previewed

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Another month, another Xbox One update. As we approach the end of April, Microsoft have previewed the next version of the Xbox One software. The main feature of the next version is about SmartGlass which means that users will be able to turn on and off their console from a PC, Windows Phone and Android. In addition the Xbox One now supports Miracast screen […]