Ubiquiti’s LTU range of custom silicon wireless products is now available

Ubiquiti is most known for its UniFi line of enterprise access points, switches, firewalls and IP cameras but what got the company started in the early days was the airMAX line of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless radios, which are used for building to building situations as well as rural broadband in emerging markets and parts of the United States and New Zealand where the land is so stretched out and […]

Bose is closing down all of its retail stores in Europe and the US

In a report from The Verge this week, we have learned that Bose, premium audio brand is planning on closing all of its retails store locations in Europe, UK all of the US, Japan and Australia. These four areas amount to a total of 119 stores which are to be closed down. Bose stores in China, UAE, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia will remain open – totalling to 130 stores. Why […]

Apple will be releasing ‘The Banker’ film after all

In November last year, Apple released a trailer for and upcoming film ‘The Banker’ which was supposed to be released on Apple TV+ this month after its debut in cinemas in the US in December. It would have been shown in cinemas in order to be eligible for nomination for awards. But later that month, the film didn’t go ahead and the theatrical release was delayed too. At the time, […]

New Facebook design begins rolling out to users

Last year, Facebook promised us that a new design for the desktop version of the site would be coming at some stage, and now a very small percentage can see the new design live. The new look is a lot less cluttered, more space is given back and brighter colours are used all round. CNET reported recently about “The New Facebook” – which is what the redesign is being called should […]

Windows 7 is now no longer officially supported by Microsoft

That’s it, times up – no ifs, not buts – Windows 7, it’s over. Today is the day, Microsoft has now dropped support for Windows 7. Users still using the over ten year old operating system will now no longer get any software or security updates. We reported back in December that Microsoft would be ending support for Windows 7 today and that at the time, 17% of business in the […]

Rack mountable version of the Apple Mac Pro now on available

Apple launched the new Mac Pro in December last year, which based on the max price the computer tops out did its best to make headlines in the media, which were mostly for the wrong reason. But when the Mac Pro was previewed at WWDC last year it was announced on stage that a special version fro making rack mounting the computer much easier, which is especially hands for Mac […]

Billy Crudup has won an award or his role in Apple TV+ show ‘The Morning Show’

Apple TV+ has been out for a little over two months, when it launched back in November last year and at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night, Billy Crudup won the award for Best Supporting Actor in Apple’s The Morning Show on Apple TV+ which also starts Jennifer Aniston, Reece Witherspoon and also, Steve Carell. Also, last week Apple signed up Richard Plepler, who used to be the CEO of HBO in […]

Apple begins replacement program for iPhone XS battery cases

Last week, Apple has started a new replacement program for its official battery cases for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The program covers cases which were manufactured between January 2019 and October 2019 and the issue was that the case would either not charge at all or only charge sometimes. Apple said it will replace any cases for up to two years after they were sold. […]

Amazon says Honey browser add on is a ‘security risk’

On the internet, nothing is free. Whether you actually have to hand over money for a service, or if you become the product. And one of the supposed next risks is Honey, the ‘free’ browser add-on for every browser out there and which has been appearing on YouTube adverts for the past year. According to Wired, shortly before Christmas last year Amazon started showing pop-up warnings to say that the […]