Around 56,000 Volkswagen Golfs to receive a software update

This week, Volkswagen has issues a voluntary update of over 56,000 models of the new eighth generation Golf 8, with 7,400 of them being here in the UK. The update will update the software on the cars that were made before July 2020 and it addresses issues with the infotainment system and reversing camera. Volkswagen has had some issues with software QA lately, on the Golf 8 itself and on […]

Citroën launches new e-Berlingo electric van, with 171 miles of range

Today, Citroën has announced the all new e-Berlingo, the first small all electric van from the PSA group so far and it is actually the fist of three new electric vans the group is planning on launching in this year alone. PSA, which also owns DS, Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall and Citroën is planning on completely making the van line up fully electric by the year 2025. Like the other larger vans […]

Tesla Model Y is now has a five star rating for safety

Tesla’s latest model, the mid size SUV Model Y is now a five star rated car for safety, as awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA). The NHTSA looks at crash safety, with regards to impacts from the side, front and what happens if the car rolls over. The Model Y has come out on top in the whole test. The Model 3, Model X and Model S […]

Panera Bread is offering four months free coffee, if you use Apple Pay

Bakery chain in the US, Panera Bread has said out some marketing messages this week to customers with a new Apple Pay promotion located in the official Panera Bread app. If you sign up to the MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, which is $9 per month you’ll get et your first four months of coffee at no charge. The campaign is called “stay warm this winter with Apple Pay” is only availble […]

(RESOLVED) Ubiquiti’s cloud broker offline, causing remote access issues for users

Ubiquiti has an issue today with its remote access cloud broker, which enables remote access to on premise devices, such as NVR video recorders and application servers managing enterprise networking devices, such as the Cloud Key line of products and the UniFi Dream Machines. The issue only seems to be affecting UniFi OS devices, meaning Cloud Key Gen2 devices running the most recent software, the UNVR, UDM Pro and the […]

BMW announces prices for new M3 and M4, starting at £74,755 – both are on sale now

BMWs new M3 and M4 have now gone on sale, starting at £74,755 for the top of the line Competition spec. Both cars are available to order now with initial deliveries starting in March this year. The most expensive M3 with all the options can reach over £100,000. Both cars have a six-cylinder engine with 503bhp and for the first time in the 3 Series and 4 Series, the option […]

The only car manufacturers to see increased sales last year were Tesla and MG

In 2020 in general, car sales suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, people being unemployed as a result and this affects the car sales last year, in fact new car registrations hit a 30-year low in 2020, 680,076 fewer cars were sold last year than in 2019. However two car manufacturers came out on top, MG and Tesla who both saw increased sales. Tesla had the best selling car in April […]

Jaguar Land Rover sales dropped by 25% in 2020

Partly due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover suffered poor sales in the second half of 2020, but the company remains optimistic of things to come. Sales in 2020 dropped by nearly 25% when looking a the numbers year on year. The company sold 425,974 cars throughout the whole world in 2020. This is a drop of 23.6% compared to the figures from 2019. Out of […]

WhatsApp issues update via Twitter, urges it protects users privacy

WhatsApp and Facebook has had a lot of negative feedback and users flocking from the messaging service in the past week, due to its new updated privacy policies. The company has urged on Twitter this week that the new privacy policy will not affect the company’s ability to read messages. Last week, WhatsApp started with popups appearing on users phones, and if you didn’t agree, your account will be deleted […]

Tim Cook’s interview with CBS will air tomorow with a “big announcement”

Tim Cook spoke to CBS on This Morning earlier today and he spoke about the events which happened at the US Capitol last week. The interview will be airing in full tomorow and we can expect a “big announcement” from Apple CEO, Tim Cook so says Gayle King, host of This Morning. The announcement won’t be a new product, but in light of all the privacy issues lately, it is expected to be […]