Apple announces new limited edition Beats Studio Buds

Today Apple has revealed a new limited edition version of its new Beats Studio Buds. The new ear buds are finished in green, black and red which are the colours of the Pan-African flag. The new limited edition is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the clothing store, Union. The charging case also features the Union logo. The new headphones won’t be sold via Apple or Beats, instead exclusively at Union’s […]

HomePod mini in new colours now on sale in more countries, including UK, Australia and more

Apple made the new colour version of the HomePod mini available in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan a few weeks ago and delayed the release a few weeks for Austria, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Now as of today, the HomePod mini in orange, yellow and blue is now available in those countries. The colour versions, like the M1 iMac come […]

Custom iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86k on eBay

Late last week, a robotics student by the name of Ken Pillionel had modified an iPhone X to have a USB-C port rather than the standard Lightning port Apple ships. It has been listed on eBay and has now been sold for $86,001 on eBay. The video from Ken is below where he explains how he made the “the world’s first USB-C iPhone.” The winning bider will get the 64GB […]

Apple releases watchOS 8.1.1 to fix charging issues on Series 7

This week, alongside a minor iOS release for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, Apple has also released watchOS 8.1.1 specifically for the Apple Watch Series 7. Users have been reporting that the watch doesn’t charge and some reported that it also charges slowly. watchOS 8.1.1 addresses the charging issue and it can be downloaded now by going to the Apple Watch app on iPhone, then General > Software Update.

Apple releases iOS 15.1.1 for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Apple has this week released iOS 15.1.1 for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 only. Being for those two models only, it is a minor release but an important one nonetheless. Apple says this release improves call drop performance, as a lot of users have seen issues with dropped calls recently. It can be updated by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Apple Music app now available for LG smart TVs

The official Apple Music app has been released today for users with a LG smart TV, with a roll out starting today. The app works just like it does on the Apple TV, with support for playlists, radio stations, and music videos and all the 90 million songs Apple has. The app supports a lot of the service’s special features such as synced realtime lyrics and more. At this current […]

Amazon launches a Prime Video app for macOS

Amazon has today launched a new app on the Mac App Store. Prime Video is now available to download, free of charge and it works on Intel machines as well as M1, with full support for offline viewing too, just like its iOS and iPadOS counterparts. Many of the iOS features are supported, such as Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay as well as in app purchases for rentals and other items. The […]

Tim Cook tells users who want to sideload apps to use Android

Last week, Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi spoke about his and Apple’s views on privacy and sideloading on the iPhone at the Web Summit conference, saying that allowing sideloading on iPhone would be “a criminals best friend.” Apple CEO Tim Cook has followed up on this to cement this saying that with iPhone, Apple focuses on users security and privacy. Cook said that allowing sideloading on iPhone was not […]

Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson has joined the Apple board of directors

Apple has today announced that Alex Gorsky, the CEO and chairman of Johnson & Johnson has joined its its board of directors. Gorsky has been working at Johnson & Johnson since 1988, eventually working his way up the chain to become CEO in 2012. He is scheduled to step down as CEO on 3rd January 2022, but will run as executive chairman afterwards. “Alex has long been a visionary in […]

Apple is reported to drop the requirement for masks in some US retail stores

It has been recently reported by Bloomberg that Apple in the US may no longer require customers to wear masks in some of its retail stores across the country. Apple has 270 stores state side and over 100 stores are reported to start dropping the requirement from tomorow. After careful review, the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) team, along with leadership, have determined it’s safe to update our guidance on […]