Panera Bread is offering four months free coffee, if you use Apple Pay

Bakery chain in the US, Panera Bread has said out some marketing messages this week to customers with a new Apple Pay promotion located in the official Panera Bread app. If you sign up to the MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, which is $9 per month you’ll get et your first four months of coffee at no charge. The campaign is called “stay warm this winter with Apple Pay” is only availble […]

Tim Cook’s interview with CBS will air tomorow with a “big announcement”

Tim Cook spoke to CBS on This Morning earlier today and he spoke about the events which happened at the US Capitol last week. The interview will be airing in full tomorow and we can expect a “big announcement” from Apple CEO, Tim Cook so says Gayle King, host of This Morning. The announcement won’t be a new product, but in light of all the privacy issues lately, it is expected to be […]

Apple releases iOS 12.5.1 for older devices

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 12.5.1 for older devices that cant be updated to iOS 13 and iOS 14. Those devices include the original iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 as well as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, among others. This new update only addresses a bug that was introduced with the previous update to iOS 12, with iOS 12.5 last month. That updated added Exposure Notifications […]

App Store saw unprecedented growth last year

According to a report from CNBC the Apple App Store saw massive growth numbers last year, compared to 2019. In 2020 the App Store took in over $64 billion in sales, compared to 2019 when it had $50 billion, a growth of 20%. Apple issued a press release earlier this month detailing that, to date since January 2008 the company has paid $200 billion to developers. On the very first day of […]

Apple Pay could launch in South Africa soon

Apple Pay could be set to be launching soon in South Africa it seems, with two banks from the country to be available when it launches, Nedbank and Discovery Bank. Some readers on MacRumors have already said that terms and conditions have been updated relating to Apple Pay. However as of writing, Apple is yet to say whether and when Apple Pay will be available in South Africa,

As third lockdown in England comes into effect, Apple closes all stores in the UK

The third lockdown has come into effect today here in England and Scotland, Apple has taken the decision to now close all its stores in the UK affecting stores in Wales and Northern Ireland too. Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon both annoicuned new lockdowns affecting England and Scotland which means that all non essential travel is prohibited as well as that non essential shops must close, and Apple falls into […]

New York City subway now accepting Apple Pay, like TfL

The subway system in New York City is a few years behind our TfL system here in the UK in terms of what services is supports for payments, back when Apple Pay came out in June 2015 in the UK, London’s TfL network of buses, trams, underground, trains and even the cable cars were one of the first places it was able to be used and even before then, contactless card […]

Last year saw record spending on the App Store – revenue on iOS is more than double than Android

2020 was an unusual year by all accounts and on the iOS App Store, last year saw a record of spending due to regional lockdowns, stay at home advice and more. Just over the holiday period and Christmas last year, spending on and in iOS and Android apps totalled an estimated $407 million (£297.6 million) which is up by over a third when compared to the sane time frame as […]

MacStadium now offers the M1 Mac mini

MacStadium, a company which has done a good job over the past eight years in Mac hosting, using actual Mac mini and Mac Pro hardware in various data centres over the world is now starting to rollout the option of the new Mac mini M1 to customers. MacStadium is offering the Mac mini in 8GB or 16GB configurations and can be purchased online, from $99 per month (£72.73) / €99. […]

AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support coming to LG 2018 smart TVs

This week, LG has started to rollout support for Apple HomeKit and AirPlay 2 in its range of smart TVs from 2018, this is following up from what the company said they would do earlier this year. HomeKit for TVs adds the ability to run automations, and control the power, volume and input from the Home app on iOS, macOS and watchOS. AirPlay 2 allows the streaming, over the local […]