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Tom Hanks film ‘Greyhound’ will launch on Apple TV+ in July

Earlier in May, Apple paid Sony $70 million for the streaming rights to a new Tom Hanks film, called ‘Greyhound’ which follows George Krause in WWII. The film will be launching on Apple TV+ on the 10th July. Apple now has the rights for fifteen years, but Sony has retained the rights in China. Inspired by real events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international convoy of 37 ships […]

Trying on Apple TV+ will be retuning for a second season, says Esther Smith

Apple’s first British and first European show on Apple TV+ is Trying, it debuted in full on the 1st May and it follows the life of Jason and Nikki as they go through the process of adopting a baby. All eight episodes can be watched now on Apple TV+. Earlier in the month, Esther Smith who plays Nikki spoke to Metro about the show and whats next for it. “Yeah, we’ve been […]

New British series ‘Trying’ is now out on Apple TV+

At the end of last week, Apple made its new Apple TV+ series ‘Trying’ available in its entirety, all eight episodes. This new series marks the first British show for Apple TV+ and it was produced by the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Studios. “All Jason and Nikki want is a baby. But it’s the one thing they just can’t have. Starring Rafe Spall and Esther Smith, “Trying” is a new […]

Apple has made some Apple TV+ shows free to watch, during the pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has chosen to offer some of its original shows on Apple TV+ free to watch for a limited time. Apple is offering this in the US and other countries, the UK doesn’t seem to be one of those. Apple is offering, Dickinson, Ghostwriter, Helpsters, For All Mankind, Servant, Snoopy in Space and The Elephant Queen free to watch, providing you log in with an Apple ID. Apple TV+ is […]

New British Apple TV+ series – ‘Trying’ coming 1st May

Apple is bringing its first British TV series to Apple TV+ soon. The now show follows Jason and Nikki who are struggling to have a child and the series follows the couple’s journey. Jason is played by Rafe Spall who was in The Ritual and Nikki is played by Esther Smith, who was in BBC show Cuckoo from 2014-2019. Apple describes the show as: All Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) […]

Apple shares trailer for upcoming documentary about the Beastie Boys on Apple TV+

Apple is well under way with Apple TV+ – the company’s streaming service which was only launched back in November, we have had The Morning Show which has won a few awards so far and Apple has plenty of new films and shows in the works. The latest one is called “Beastie Boys Story” and it’ll be coming to Apple TV+ this spring and it follows the story of the band […]

Apple will be releasing ‘The Banker’ film after all

In November last year, Apple released a trailer for and upcoming film ‘The Banker’ which was supposed to be released on Apple TV+ this month after its debut in cinemas in the US in December. It would have been shown in cinemas in order to be eligible for nomination for awards. But later that month, the film didn’t go ahead and the theatrical release was delayed too. At the time, […]

Former HBO CEO signs new deal with Apple TV+ for five years

Richard Plepler used to be the CEO of US media company HBO, who under his time produced ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Big Little Lies’ – both of which were hit shows. Plepler left in February last year just around sixth months after HBO was acquired by AT&T, he was at HBO 27 years. Now, last week the Plepler has signed a new five year deal with Apple to help produce […]

Apple releases trailer for new Apple TV+ show, ‘Little America’

Apple is busy ramping up the new TV shows and films for Apple TV+ at the moment and one of the newest TV shows coming out in January is called ‘Little America” and it’s a series about an immigrant to America. The show is coming to Apple TV+ on 17th January 2020, with eight episodes in total. As Apple has done with The Morning Show and For All Mankind – ‘Little America’ has […]

Apple has a Golden Globe nomination for The Morning Show

Apple TV+ was only launched at the start of November and already, one of its major TV shows, The Morning Show which stars Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrell has been nominated for a Goldon Globe. The show received a nomination for ‘Best Drama’ from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association today. When the show first launched on 1st November, critics were quite harsh on the show and so much so that one of […]