Apple TV

Apple releases tvOS 13.4.5 beta to developers

Just last week, Apple released tvOS 13.4 for the fourth and fifth generation Apple TV, which was a very minor update and only included some very small changes to the way the TV app looks and also the way Family Sharing purchases are shown. Apple has released tvOS 13.4.5 beta to developers only at this time. No new features or any details are known at this time.

Apple releases tvOS 13.4 for Apple TV HD and 4K

Today Apple has released iOS 13.4 for iPhone and iPod touch, audioOS 13.4 for HomePod and also tvOS 13.4 for the Apple TV HD and 4K models (4th and 5th generation). tvOS 13.4 includes some very small changes to the way the TV app looks and also the way Family Sharing purchases are integrated has been made simpler too. tvOS can be updated by going to Settings > System > Software […]

Apple releases fifth beta of tvOS 13.4 to developers

Today, Apple has released a new minor update to the ongoing beta of tvOS 13.4 for developers. The fifth beta of tvOS 13.4 has been released to developers for testing purposes. The main change tvOS 13.4 will bring when it is released is a small refresh for the design of the TV app and also Family Sharing purchase from other family members can now be accessed within the TV app.

Hints at upcoming new Apple TV model found in tvOS 13.4 beta

When Apple released the beta version of tvOS 13.4 to developers yesterday, there were a few little details that snuck through, that 9to5Mac reported on with a new model number “T1125” which is hitting towards a new Apple TV model. According to 9to5Mac the new model could have a A12 Bionic Apple CPU or higher integrated to power the device, but this is all he information we have on a new model at […]

Apple releases tvOS 13.4 beta for developers

Apple today has released a new beta version of tvOS to developers only at this stage, with tvOS 13.4. The new update is extremely minor, no new features but there are some small improvements to the way Family Sharing purchases are displayed, so users no longer have to leave the app to find them.

tvOS gets new underwater screensavers

Apple has recently added a whole new load of screensavers for the Apple TV, which has been found by uharveydent89 on Reddit this week and they include new underwater scenes including jelly fish in Alaska, and Dolphins in Costa Rica as well as many more. Apple TV screensavers automatically update so there is nothing to do to get the new ones, you can choose in settings however to let the Apple TV […]

tvOS 13.3.1 released for Apple TV HD and 4K models

Along with iOS 13.3.1, watchOS 6.1.2 and other updates, Apple has also released a small update for the newer models of Apple TV. The forth generation and fifth generation models (HD and 4K) can now be updated to tvOS 13.3.1 which is a very minor update with bug fixes. Apple has not provided details on whats included in the update.

Apple releases trailer for ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Season 3

Apple has released the trailer today for the next season of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series” which is similar to the segment in the show with James Cordon – “The Late Late Show With James Corden.” The new season will be free to watch in the Apple TV app when it launches on the 24th January, as it was launched before Apple TV+ was. Trailer

Apple releases fourth tvOS 13.3 beta to developers

Today, the fourth beta of tvOS 13.3 has been released to public beta testers as well as developers. Quite usually, betas of macOS, tvOS and iOS stay in beta for a while to be tested for bugs and compatibility issues. tvOS updates rarely add any significant features, and tvOS 13.3 only changes the way the main banner for the Apple TV app shows content. On the current update, when you […]

Apple releases new episodes of ‘The Morning Show’, ‘See’ and ‘For All Mankind’

Today, Apple has released three new episodes for three of its headlining shows on Apple TV+, ‘The Morning Show’, ‘See’ and ‘For All Mankind’ all of which are now hitting episode 4. Apple will continue to release new episodes every week for the foreseeable future. The amount of episodes in this first season is yet unknown. Apple TV+ was launched on Nov 1st this month and is £4.99/$4.99 per month […]