Apple Watch

watchOS 5 now out for Apple Watch

Today, alongside the new updates for tvOS 12, iOS 12 and the minor update for the HomePod Apple has also released watchOS 5 for the Apple Watch. Like the other Apple software released today, it was first announced earlier this year at WWDC in June. What’s new? If you have opted to stick with your current Apple Watch this year and not plump for the newly released Apple Watch Series […]

iPhone Xs and Apple Watch Series 4 now up for pre-order

Apple’s new iPhones were announced earlier this week on Wednesday and as promised, the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and the Apple Watch Series 4 are now all up for pre-order from Apple website and some of the phone carriers directly. iPhone Xs iPhone Xs starts at £999 for 64GB, 256GB is £1,149 and 512GB is £1,349 iPhone Xs Max starts £1,099 for 64GB, 256GB is £1,249 and 512GB is […]

Nike Training Club is now available on Apple Watch

Much like how Nike Running Club currently works, with an app on the iPhone for viewing all your stats and seeing what runs you have done and also a companion app on the Apple Watch for use when you don’t want or can’t take your iPhone with you. Nike now want to do the same with the Nike Training Club app. Now on the wrist Starting today, Nike is rolling […]

watchOS 5 will turn your Apple Watch into a Walkie Talkie

Kevin Lynch did a good job on stage today at WWDC going over all the new features for Apple Watch which are coming later this year with watchOS and one of those big features, was Walkie Talkie. Apple Watch Series 3 includes integrated cellular support for a 4G LTE connection, and this works great with the new feature which as the name suggests makes the Apple Watch behave like a […]

Instagram has now dropped support for its Apple Watch app

They are dropping like flies, but a common trend lately is that larger companies are pulling support for their native Apple Watch apps. A year or so ago Amazon dropped support for its app on the wearable, as did Google for Google Maps and now Facebook has pulled support for the official Instagram app, which was one of the original apps to launch along side the original Apple Watch in […]

watchOS 4.3 update is now available

Today, just before the UK bank holiday Apple has released a ton of new software for Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV as well as the iPhone and iPad and in this post we’ll cover whats new in watchOS 4.3. watchOS 4.3 With watchOS 4.3 Apple has addressed a few glaring bugs as well as included a handful of new features, Nightstand mode or Bedside mode as it is referred to […]

iOS 11.2.6 is released, fixes character crashing bug

Just today, Apple has released iOS 11.2.6 to compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touches – the release only focus on the Telugu bug which was discovered last week, on the 15th Feb. The bug was said to cause crashes, freezes or just a general shut down of the device if one character in the Indian language of Telugu was typed out, so long as the device was running earlier versions […]

What is the Activity app on iPhone?

In our latest ‘What is?’ article, we’re going to explain what the Activity app is on your iPhone, what it does and what the basic features are. What is the Activity app? Generally on the iPhone, the Activity app will appear on your home screen if you have paired an Apple Watch with your phone, the app won’t appear unless you have an Apple Watch or have previously paired one […]

Second beta of watchOS 4.3 released for developers

Very soon, a new major update for iOS, watchOS and tvOS is coming soon with brand new features, bug fixes and more. To prepare, Apple is very busy testing and releasing various beta revisions to registered developers and when it comes to it, willing members of the public too. Today, Apple has released the second beta of watchOS 4.3 to developers, this comes just under two weeks since the first […]

First beta of watchOS 4.3 now available for developers

This week, Apple is on fire bringing out new beta releases for developers, public beta and even a full iOS 11 update released to public on Tuesday. The latest release is for the Apple Watch, the new watchOS 4.3 update has been seeded to registered developers for testing. Nothing is known yet about watchOS 4.3, but earlier this week watchOS 4.2.2 was released to the public which only contained minor […]