Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.5 beta to developers

Just the other week, Apple released a reasonably large update to macOS Catalina which added iCloud Folder Sharing for iCloud Drive, Screen Time Communication Limits and real-time lyrics support for Apple Music. Now Apple has released macOS Catalina 10.15.5 beta to developers only at this time. No new features or any details are known at this time.

Apple has released ProRes RAW for Windows, in beta

This week, Apple released ProRes RAW for Windows but only in beta at this time. The new application will allow Windows machines to watch and edit ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ file formats in Adobe After Effects (Beta), Adobe Media Encocder (Beta), Adobe Premiere (Beta) and Adobe Premiere Rush (Beta). For a long time, Apple’s video format hasn’t been very popular as up until now it has been an exclusive format on Mac […]

Apple is now offering longer free trials of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

Last week, Apple made the free trial period of its two professional apps much longer, which is really helpful at the moment due to the amount of people working from home while the coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone. Final Cut Pro X has always had a 30-day free trial, but now Apple is offering a much longer 90-day free trail of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X. Logic […]

Apple has now made the Afterburner Card for the Mac Pro available for separate purchase

Earlier this week, along with all the other announcements from Apple, such as the new iPad Pro and keyboard, Mac mini updates and new MacBook Air – Apple also made the Afterburner Card available as a separate purchase for the new Mac Pro. Until this was made available, customers could only get the card at the same time as ordering a new Mac Pro from Apple has the Afterburner […]

Mac mini base spec updated with more storage

Apple today has updated the Mac mini with more storage as standard, for the same price. Nothing else has changed with the specification, just the base storage. The Mac mini starts at £799 here in the UK at $799 in the US and used to come with an 128GB SSD and now for the same price, it has 256GB. The processor and RAM have been unchanged, on the base specification […]

Apple launches new Anime style ad in Japan for “Behind the Mac”

Apple has launched a new advert in Japan titled “Behind the Mac” which isn’t a new campaign Apple has been doing, but the ad for Japan is anime themed and shows such characters from “The Wonderland,” “Yama No Susume” and others. What’s also interesting is that on the back of the laptops, the Apple logo is never perfect, it’s always a weird shape but never the Apple logo itself. Ad

Apple launches Swift Playgrounds on the Mac

Today, Apple has released Swift Playgrounds for the Mac, for the first time. The app which is primarily designed for kids to teach them how to code in Swift, has only been available on iPad until now. Swift Playgrounds gets the user to play games, puzzles and challenges to help learn the basics of Swift programming. Apple has managed to get the app to work on macOS by using Catalyst, […]

References to AMD CPUs found in macOS Catalina beta

In a very recent beta version of macOS Catalina, some references to the use of AMD CPUs has been found, which might be a loose suggestion to Apple moving from Intel to AMD or adding AMD has an option of some Mac models. User “_rogame” on Twitter and Reddit has found some the references within macOS. However, it is very unlikely that Apple would move to AMD for CPUs for […]

The original Macintosh is 36 years old today

Looking back at the last ten years at what Apple has achieved and released seems daunting, we’ve seen the first iPad, iPhone 4, Siri, Apple Watch, Touch ID, Face ID, Apple Pay, AirPods, iPhone X and many other things we take for granted, but in the tech world thirty six years is such a long time ago and the birth of the personal computer as we know it took place […]

Rack mountable version of the Apple Mac Pro now on available

Apple launched the new Mac Pro in December last year, which based on the max price the computer tops out did its best to make headlines in the media, which were mostly for the wrong reason. But when the Mac Pro was previewed at WWDC last year it was announced on stage that a special version fro making rack mounting the computer much easier, which is especially hands for Mac […]