AppleCare+ can now be extended for more than three years for Macs

Apple has updated the way AppleCare+ works in the US for its Mac models, with an updated support document to back it up too. AppleCare+ in the US can now be extended for more than three years in the US only for Macs, for example if you had purchased a three year plan for AppleCare+ it would expire after that period, but now you can choose for the plan to […]

Mac mini can now be upgraded to 10Gb Ethernet

Following the news and releases of the Apple event today, Apple has quietly updated the Mac mini in the lineup to now support the option of 10Gb Ethernet. In the move from Intel to M1 chips last November, the option for 10Gb Ethernet was removed and it wasn’t obvious why, however today Apple have rectified this issue and the M1 Mac mini can now be upgraded from 1Gb Ethernet to […]

Windows 10 now works on Apple’s latest M1 Macs

Since Apple launched its new Mac models with its own Apple Silicon chips inside, running any kind of Windows has been basically impossible, as Boot Camp itself isn’t supported on M1 Macs. For a long time, virtualisation software has been available on macOS, the most famous of which being Parallels and they have come to the rescue to get Windows 10 working on Arm based Macs. Parallels has released an […]

Apple removes more iMac models from the lineup, ahead of likely M1 model

Apple has been dropping a number of products from sale lately, first came the iMac Pro earlier this month, then the HomePod last week and now certain models of the 21.5-inch iMac have been removed from sale which is likely in preparation for a potential upcoming iMac refresh with Apple’s own silicon chips. The last time the iMac was updated was back in August last year and at that time, […]

New unreleased iMac appears in Xcode crash logs

Apple seems to be getting ready to release a brand new iMac soon, as a potential future and unreleased iMac has popped up in the crashlogs within Xcode. The model in question was shown as an iMac model with an ARM processor, hinting towards an Apple Silicon powered iMac coming soon. Apple is now in the process of shifting its entire Mac line up from Intel to Apple Silicon and […]

Apple discontinues the iMac Pro

Last week, the news broke that Apple is now discontinuing the most powerful iMac model on sale, the iMac Pro. The web page to order also said “while stock lasts” too. As of writing, it is still possible to order the machine in the UK, but it wont be for long. Apple launched the iMac Pro in late 2017, and it was never meant to be a permeant item in […]

Report: Next MacBook Pro to bring back SD card reader

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a had a very good track record over the years has set out for what he expects Apple to change with the redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, which are reported to launch later this year. Apple recently updated the base 13-inch MacBook Pro late last year, with no visual changes and the introduction of the M1 chip, Apple’s first custom silicon for […]

Microsoft Edge for Macs powered by M1 is now in beta

Apple’s new M1 based Macs haven’t been out that long, the new MacBook Air, Mac mini and MacBook Pro (with two ports) were only launched in November and within a few days, Google launched Chrome designed for the new architecture and a lot of apps were updated and you can already run Parallels on the new M1 machines too. In the last few days, Microsoft has released its version of […]

Apple’s Mac sales grew by 16% in 2020

According to a report from Canalys Apple managed to ship 16% more Macs in 2020 than it did in 2019, but as the report point out it is still behind its main PC rivals, such as Dell, HP and Lenovo. The fact they are behind isn’t surprising, there isn’t a lot of companies willing to shell out over £900 per machine for an employee when it can tick the same box […]

MacStadium now offers the M1 Mac mini

MacStadium, a company which has done a good job over the past eight years in Mac hosting, using actual Mac mini and Mac Pro hardware in various data centres over the world is now starting to rollout the option of the new Mac mini M1 to customers. MacStadium is offering the Mac mini in 8GB or 16GB configurations and can be purchased online, from $99 per month (£72.73) / €99. […]