New redesigned iMac could show up at WWDC this year

We are due for a new iMac design soon, the current design does still look great, but the large bezels are getting long in the tooth and other lingering design changes could do with removing as well as adopting some of the internal advancements from the iMac Pro. The current shape iMac was revealed almost eight years ago, back in 2012 and has that famous tapered point, which goes down […]

iOS 13.6 beta has revealed new options for automatic iOS updates

This week, the second beta of iOS 13.6 was released to developers and thanks for Jeremry Hortwiz on Twitter, we now know some details about some improvements to iPadOS and iOS in regard to how automatic OS updated are handled. You can now choose to allow automatic downloads and or installs without user conformation. Automatic updates will only happen over WiFi and users will now be able to disable automatic […]

Apple makes the new colour versions of the Powerbeats Pro available

Near the end of last month, Beats announced new colour versions of the existing Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones. Beats partnered up with FaZe Clan who released an IGTV video announcing the new colours. Following the release, Beats and Apple have now put the new colour versions up for order on The new colours are Spring Yellow, Glacier Blue, Cloud Pink, and Lava Red. The previous more muted colours are […]

Apple now has over 300 retail stores open

Following the general peak of the coronavirus, Apple has taken the decision to open up its retail stores across the world, with obvious differences to protect its staff and customers. Health and safety rules are in place such as the use of masks for all people in the building, reduced opening hours and also, limiting the amount of people allowed in at one given time. Apple is also offering pickup […]

Apple stops signing iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 following unc0ver jailbreak

Today, Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.5 now that iOS 13.5.1 has been out for about a week. But, Apple usually waits a little longer to block downgrades of iOS and iPadOS. This time, the most obvious reason to bring forward the removal of the signing is the jailbreak which was released. Pwn20wnd released a new unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 so in Apple blocking any upgrades […]

Apple may be offering instalment plans on other products for Apple Card customers

For a little while now, Apple has offered the option of interest free, monthly instalments for customers purchasing an iPhone with an Apple Card. At the moment, the Apple Card is only available in the US but Apple is looking to expand the instalment plans to other Apple products, according to a report from Bloomberg. Apple is said to offer instalment plans, for customers using the Apple Card on iPads, […]

Apple’s stock price hits an all time high today

Today, Apple’s stock price on the market has hit an all time high at $331.12 per share, this is up marginally over the previous high back in January, when it hit $327.85 per share. Market cap is at $1.43 trillion. This news comes, even during riots across the US as well as the ongoing worldwide health crisis. Employment numbers in the US have also increased today.

iOS 13.5.5 beta reveals Apple News+ Audio

Earlier this week, when the beta version of iOS 13.5.5 was released to developers, it contained references to UI elements referencing Apple News+ Audio. In a video from 9to5Mac, Jeff Benjamin shows off the upcoming feature and the News app will get a new ‘Audio’ tab, with access to spoken word news articles. As iOS 13.5.5 is in beta, there isn’t much information available yet, but Apple is expected to launch […]

Report: iOS 14 will support devices that can run iOS 13 now

According to a report from The Verifier the upcoming update to iOS, which is due to be announced at WWDC 2020 later this month is expected to be able to run on the same devices which are now running iOS 13. iOS is due to be announced at WWDC and based on the past eight years, will be released to the public in September alongside the next generation of iPhone. […]

Octopus travel card now works with Apple Pay in Hong Kong

This week, Octopus in Hong Kong has now started to support Apple Pay as a method of, well using the service. Octopus, like Suica in Japan has been deeply integrated into iOS and Apple Pay. Octopus is the most popular transit card in Hong Kong, it works like the Oyster card here in the UK but shares most of its similarities with Suica in Japan. Customers in Hong Kong, starting […]