HomePod update now out, version 14.4

Today Apple has released 14.4 for HomePod and HomePod mini with the most notable features coming to the HomePod mini. The update adds support for more U1 Ultra Wideband features, such as haptic and audible effects when you bring the iPhone near to the HomePod mini, as well as audio suggestions. U1 features are only on newer iPhone models, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and […]

Apple releases iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4

This evening, Apple has just released an update for both iOS and iPadOS with version 14.4. Both versions contain a number of bug fixes including a fix for the Fitness Widget as sometimes it would not show the most up to date data. Smaller QR codes can be recognised by the camera and also bluetooth devices can be set by type, including car stereo, headphones, hearing aids and speakers. This […]

This new Microsoft ad mocks the MacBook Pro touch bar

Back in the 2000s, Apple had a series of very famous adverts pitting the Mac against the PC and those adverts lasted a few years and Apple didn’t really do any of those adverts again, but in the mid 2010s Microsoft started the conflict again when it launched the new Surface line, comparing iPads and MacBooks to its 2-in-1 touchscreen PC and the latest advert aired over the weekend, during […]

Arlo’s wired doorbell now supports HomeKit

Earlier this month, Arlo has updated its own wired video doorbell to support HomeKit, but only at a basic level so now support for HomeKit Secure Video here yet it seems. However without Secure Video, standard HomeKit does allow for viewing of live footage only, as well as integrating with any automations. To get the integration to work, you’ll need the following firmware or newer to be on the basestation: […]

Microsoft Edge for Macs powered by M1 is now in beta

Apple’s new M1 based Macs haven’t been out that long, the new MacBook Air, Mac mini and MacBook Pro (with two ports) were only launched in November and within a few days, Google launched Chrome designed for the new architecture and a lot of apps were updated and you can already run Parallels on the new M1 machines too. In the last few days, Microsoft has released its version of […]

New images of iPhone 5s prototype get shared online

In the last few days some images were shared online of what appears to be an unreleased prototype of an iPhone 5s in the same Black and Slate colour as the iPhone 5 from 2012. The image came from Twitter user @DongleBookPro. This particular model was produced in December 2012 just a few months after the iPhone 5 was released and just under a year before the next iPhone, the […]

Apple has extended the free trial of Apple TV+ again

This week Apple has announced that users who subscribed to Apple TV+ originally with the one year free deal have now had the free trial extended again to July this year. The free trial was originally meant to end in November 2020, then in October 2020 Apple announced that it would be extended until February 2021, likely due to the lack of new programming being released due to the pandemic. […]

Apple and Tim Cook honour Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Yesterday both Apple and Tim Cook paid tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Yesterday in the US annual federal holiday taken to honour him. Apple took a full page out on its website with the quote “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO also tweeted out with a different quote. “It will be power infused with love […]

Upcoming iOS 14.4 might start letting you know if the iPhone camera has been repaired with aftermarket parts

We are due to see iOS 14.4 pretty soon, with the expected launch of the controversial tracking opt in message. But iOS 14.4 may also notify users if the camera used in the phone is supplied from a aftermarket source, i.e if the camera system has been replaced or repaired in a place where non genuine Apple components were used. The following message may appear on the screen: Unable to verify […]

Pioneer introduces new head unit with support for wireless CarPlay

It is CES this week and Pioneer has launched a brand new in car infotainment receiver with support for wireless and wired CarPlay. The market for third party wireless CarPlay head units is pretty scarce, with the most reliable solution is just to get a new car with everything integrated, but Pioneer has a new model called the DMH-WC5700NEX. The DMH-WC5700NEX has a 6.8-inch touchscreen with the back section being […]