Apple becomes the biggest wearable maker again

In over two years, the Apple Watch has risen to a seriously impressive popularity level. The Apple Watch was introduced at the end of 2014 along side the iPhone 6 and then went on sale the next Spring, in April of 2015. Since then the Apple Watch got very close to beating Rolex in terms of popularity for a watch, then subsequently overtook them. Numbers According to a report from […]

Apple releases third iOS 11.2 beta for developers

Just today, Apple has released the third beta of iOS 11.2 for developer access only so far. This update comes around a week after the second beta release of iOS 11.2. While beta three doesn’t bring any new features, just only bug fixes the actual iOS 11.2 update will bring some handy new features once it is released. iOS 11.2 Back when iOS 11 was released at WWDC in June, […]

iOS 11.1 launches, with new Emoji, fixes the KRACK issue and more

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 11.1 to iPhone and iPad users, the update has been in beta testing for a while now with public and developer releases. The new update addresses a number of bug fixes from reports as well as patching the WPA2 WiFi encryption exploit, KRACK from a few weeks back. New features iOS 11.1 is the first major update to iOS 11 since the release, we have […]

According to Apple, iPhone X demand was off the charts

Pre-orders for the new iPhone X began around 12 hours ago and all models were pretty much showing as sold out, with a high lead time within around ten to fifteen minutes after going up for pre-order. the demand was unreal this year and now most of the models are showing a five to six week wait time, before they are dispatched. The first deliveries will start arriving on November 3rd, to […]

Apple Pay launches today in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and UAE

Today, Apple has expanded where Apple Pay is available and it has added support for Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. The addition of these countries were promised during the third quarter earnings. What Credit Cards are supported? In Denmark, the following banks and credit unions are supporting Apple Pay: Jyske Bank (Visa debit cards only) Nordea In Finland – credit cards and debit cards from the following […]

16 years ago today, the first iPod was unveiled

Today is a big milestone in Apple’s history, 16 years ago today Steve Jobs stock to the stage at the Apple Town Call at Apple’s campus and unveiled the next big thing for the company, at leas for the foreseeable 9 years. Steve Jobs showed off the iPod, which at the time had a 3.5mm headphone jack (shocker), a hold switch, non-colour screen and a physical click wheel which actually […]

Apple silently discontinues 256GB iPhone 7

The brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were just released last month and and if you still want an iPhone with a high capacity your only options for now are the newer iPhones, as on the same day that the latest models were released the 256GB iPhone was discontinued. The iPhone 7 now only comes in 32GB, for £549 or 128GB £649. Or £669 and £769 for the iPhone […]

iPhone Upgrade Program users can preorder the iPhone X early

This Friday is the day that the pre-orders start for the new iPhone X, on 27th October. It’s been well documented already that it may be hard to get hold of the phone anyway. But it’s good news for users who signed up for the iPhone Upgrade Program in the last few years, as starting today you’ll have the chance to preorder the iPhone X a few days early. While […]

Apple releases iOS 11.0.3 to fix issues with unresponsive displays and more

Just today, Apple has released the third update to iOS 11 so far, the initial release of the OS was made available in the later part of September. Also exactly one week ago, iOS 11.0.2 was released with fixes for a rare case of the iPhone 8 making crackling sounds on the ear piece. iOS 11.0.3 With iOS 11.0.3, Apple has fixed a few issues with unresponsive displays on the […]

Apple releases iTunes 12.6.3 with re-added support for the App Store

Just under a month ago, in the early part of September – Apple released iTunes 12.7 for macOS and Windows and this release removed the App Store section, as well as the ability to manage and download ringtones. Now, earlier today Apple has re-released the old version of iTunes, 12.6.3 for macOS and Windows with the addition of the App Store once again as well as the option to download […]