The iPhone 7 is still the world’s most popular smartphone

With the release of the iPhone 8 not very far away, it would be natural to assume that demand for the current model, the iPhone 7 would be a lot less usual as customers would be holding off a few weeks for the new one to be released. But according to a report from Strategy Analytics the iPhone 7 still remains the most popular smartphone on sale today, even beating the recently […]

Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.3.2

When Apple releases minor updates to iOS, it generally waits a few weeks before the new firmware is released and then subsequently blocks any downgrades to any previous versions of iOS, this is only done for a few reasons. Just yesterday, Apple stopped signing iOS 10.3.2 only three weeks after the release of iOS 10.3.3 – an update which only contained a few minor bug fixes. So, why does Apple […]

Apple has sold 1.2 billion phones in total

This week, Apple revealed at the most recent earnings call it’s latest revenue for the quarter, sales figures and a few details about the iPhone. On this week’s call, Tim Cook revealed that since the introduction the very first iPhone, back in 2007 – Apple has sold 1.2 billion handsets in the 10 years it has been on sale, in it’s various versions. “One decade after the initial iPhone launch, […]

This is every macOS wallpaper, in glorious 5K resolution

Since the introduction of the first Mac OS X version, back in 2001 Apple has always had a theme wallpaper for every major release, which is usually released on a yearly basis. With later versions, Mac OS X has been renamed back to it’s old legacy name of macOS, as it fits better with the other naming schemes – iOS, tvOS, watchOS etc. 5K wallpapers Since every major version of […]

Tech YouTuber, DetroitBorg shares retro themed original iPhone unboxing

As covered in nearly every publication, Twitter account and news website – this week was the 10 year anniversary of the very first iPhone, which was launched way back in 2007. We celebrated the actual day yesterday (29th June) with a post covering the industry at the time, what the iPhone did for the market and the specs of the phone. You can read that here. iPhone unboxing A lot […]

10 years ago today, the first iPhone went on sale

Every year we celebrate, with an article the various anniversaries or mile stones that Apple reaches throughout each year – most notably the two yearly events for the original iPhone. But this year is pretty special. Ten years. In January of 2007 – Apple CEO at the time Steve Jobs took to the stage to announce something that would radicalise the market and shakeup the tech space as we knew it, […]

New charging sound found in iOS 11 beta, hints to wireless charging for new iPhone

One of the big rumours for this years big update to the iPhone, is that wireless charging may finally come to Apple’s handset. Early on in the year, just shortly after CES 2017 it was rumoured that Apple was working on a true wireless charging solution, with no wires. New sounds in iOS 11 Most rumours now are leading towards the next iPhone, the iPhone 8 – to have wireless charging, similar […]

This is what the iPhone 8 could look like

All year it seems, the hot topic has been what Apple will do for the iPhone this year, even shortly after the iPhone 7 was unveiled last September the rumours were starting for what Apple may do for the 2017 model. 10 years In the history of technology, 10 years isn’t really a long time, but if we look at how much has changed since 2007 it’s incredible to see […]

iOS 11 beta 2 released to developers

Just today, Apple has released the second beta following the original release a few weeks back at WWDC 2017. The new update fixes a lot of bugs, it also looks like (from the release notes) a new feature related to the AVRouteDetector. Looking for a full change log? 9to5Mac have published the full change log over in their post for iOS 11 beta 2. iOS 11 iOS 11 was released […]

What’s new with Apple TV in tvOS 11?

At WWDC 2017 last week, the Apple TV didn’t gain much stage time really, but the next tvOS 11 update does add some new useful features. Tim Cook did mention on stage the new addition of a native Amazon Prime Video app, which is coming later this year. What’s new in tvOS? tvOS 11 may not add any headlining big features, but similar to macOS High Sierra – it focuses more […]