Some independent artists won’t be on Apple Music

Apple Music won’t see a number of the independent music artists available on the service as they are unhappy with the royalty fee deals. Set for release on June 30, Apple Music may be missing a few artists. Beggars Group have stated that it is “very concerned, especially for artist releasing albums in the next three months.” In the long free trail for Apple Music, the company won’t be paying out […]

How to use Time Machine to back up a Mac

Among the many utilities included in OS X, Time Machine makes managing backups for a Mac a breeze. Time Machine can be used to back up, restore and get files back on your Mac. This how to guide will walk through the process of setting up an initial back up, setting a schedule, how to restore and more. Setting up a Time Machine backup Unlike Windows, configuring a regular backup is […]

Apple Pay coming to the UK, TfL and more to accept

Apple Pay is coming to the UK in July and a selection of retailers will be accepting the payment method including Marks and Spencer and McDonalds. Apple Pay has been in North America since October on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch. In the US, stores such as Walgreens etc. The payment service will be launched sometime in July this year as Apple didn’t […]

Apple Music may be just what the industry needs

At WWDC, Apple unveiled its new music streaming service, named ‘Apple Music.’ Tim Cook dropped the “one more thing” bomb like he did with the Apple Watch back in September. Apple last dabbled with streaming with iTunes Radio alongside iOS 7, however it is unclear if that will make into the Apple Music package. The new service has three headlining features; Music Streaming, Beats 1 and Connect – all three […]

iOS 9 launches at WWDC

At WWDC, Apple unveiled the next iteration of iOS, iOS 9. The upcoming version will launch later this year with the developer preview available now. Apple is making iOS 9 all about making the operating system smarter and more aware to the apps you use and people you contact. Spotlight is also smarter with a broader system search as well as looking into apps for data. Also updated is Notes […]

The next version of OS X is El Capitan

Today, at Apple’s WWDC the company unveiled the next big version of OS X, Yosemite is out. Enter OS X El Capitan. The 11th version of the Mac operating system features refinements and polish. Apple seems to following the route as with Snow Leaped. El Capitan seems to be a minor refresh with fixes and refinements. Naming… Strange name Apple, but the latest release draws its name from a selection […]

What to expect from WWDC 2015

So the next World Wide Developers conference from Apple is hours away, we will be running a liveblog of the event. But what is Apple expected to unveil? iOS 9 The next iOS version is expected to be launched at the event, but we won’t get it on phones until September. It has long been rumoured that this release is going to be similar to Snow Leopard, which abandoned headline […]

WWDC 2015 Live Blog!

Apple’s annual World Wide Developers is just around the corner. Every year in June we get a preview of the next versions of the iOS and OS X operating systems. We are live blogging the whole event on June 8. 10 PDT, 6PM BST. Most of what we see on Monday is iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and what Apple has up it’s sleeve for new music services. We  do know […]

Apple confirms HomeKit, Apple TV will be a gateway

Apple has now confirmed HomeKit, while also creating a support page which list the current range of devices which are compatible with HomeKit. The document also goes through the process of using HomeKit, such as setting up each device on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Also in the support document, Apple has stated that an Apple TV is required to act as a hub for controlling any devices when you’re […]

Apple is recalling Beats Pill XL, because of overheating

The Beats Pill XL was originally launched in November 2013, before Apple even acquired the company for $3 billion early last year. Today it has been revealed that the Beats Pill XL has overheating issues and it has caused a few users problems. So Apple has announced a voluntary recall of the speaker and is recommending that users don’t use it at all. In a press release, Apple has said; “Apple […]