WWDC 2020 is today! Follow us along live for updates

Today is the day, it is Apple’s annual WWDC conference for developers all this week and starting at 10AM PT / 6pm BST is the main event for most people, the keynote. What are we expecting to see? iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and new versions of tvOS and macOS are expected to be unveiled. For up to date, live info as the event unfolds go to Twitter and […]

The WWDC Keynote will take place at 10am on the 22nd June

Today, Apple has revealed some more details for the overall schedule of WWDC 2020 which is due to take place in less than two weeks. Firstly the ‘Special Event Keynote” will take place at the normal time at 10am PDT (18:00 BST) on the first day of WWDC on the 22nd June. On the same day, Apple will also be hosting the State of the Union keynote at 2pm PDT. […]

Apple’s virtual WWDC conference will start on the 22nd June

This week, Apple has announced when this years virtual WWDC will be. Due to the ongoing coronavirus, the physical event was cancelled back in March and Apple announced that for 2020, due to the circumstances, it would move online only. This week, Apple has provided more information about WWDC 2020, including the dates. The conference will start on the 22nd June and there will be a keynote too. Normally, for […]

Apple has said WWDC this year will be a ‘digital-only event’

On Friday last week, Apple announced that for this year the annual WWDC developers conference will take place online only, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Usually at WWDC a few thousand devolpers from all around the world spend a few hours together in one huge room for the Keynote on the Monday morning and then spend all week talking to Apple engineers and with the ongoing coronavirus issues, it […]

Will my iPhone or iPad run iOS 12?

iOS 12 is a big release for this year, with many performance improvements added especially for older devices including the iPhone 5s, which was actually launched in September 2013. With this release, Apple really wants to focus on speeding up the overall experience you have with your phone, so the keyboard loads quicker, apps launch faster and the camera opens much faster. So Apple is really helping users with older […]

FaceTime for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave will support up to 32 callers

Along with all the updates we had yesterday from Apple to iOS 12, FaceTime made a somewhat unexpected appearance on stage, with probably some of the services biggest new features added today since it was launched in 2010 with the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. FaceTime now for the first time supports multiple users, but up to 32 simultaneous callers in the same FaceTime chat, even Apple Watch users can […]

Stocks, Voice Memos, News and Home all coming to the Mac with macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave is the next big version software for the Mac, which is coming later this year. But we did have a few surprises, Apple is now bringing News, Stocks, Home and Voice Memos all to the desktop and in terms of looks, they all look pretty similar to their iPad counterpart. Like on iOS, Stocks now integrates with Apple News to provide business related news and News now includes […]

watchOS 5 will turn your Apple Watch into a Walkie Talkie

Kevin Lynch did a good job on stage today at WWDC going over all the new features for Apple Watch which are coming later this year with watchOS and one of those big features, was Walkie Talkie. Apple Watch Series 3 includes integrated cellular support for a 4G LTE connection, and this works great with the new feature which as the name suggests makes the Apple Watch behave like a […]

What’s new in iOS 12?

This is it, iOS 12 has been revealed a this years WWDC conference keynote and now the fun starts for all the developers who are at San Jose this week, but we need to learn about what Apple has unveiled on stage for iOS 12. Performance Boy, Apple is hitting the message home hard that they are focusing hard on performance, especially for holder iPhone models, Craig Federighi said on stage […]

It’s WWDC day! Follow us live for updates

Today is the day, it’s Apple’s annual WWDC conference for developers all this week and staring at 10AM PT / 6pm BST is the main event for most people, the main keynote. What are we expecting to see? Well, we should definitely see the next version of iOS for iPhone and iPad, which will be iOS 12. The next big version of macOS should debut, macOS 10.14 and tvOS 12 […]