Dark Sky, the popular weather app has been acquired by Apple

This week, the popular app for real-time weather alerts, Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple for an undisclosed sum. Dark Sky has long been known for its ultra accurate rain alerts and weather predictions. Apple has been quick to make the transition to being under Apple, on the same day as the announcement (31st March) the developer of the app moved to Apple and the Android app has been […]

Apple is bringing the App Store to 20 new countries later this year

Its hard to imagine using an iPad or iPhone without the App Store, but in a lot of countries around the world the iPhone is sold but the App Store isn’t available for some reason or another. This week, Apple announced that later this year, the App Store will be launching in twenty more countries. Announced in a post on the Apple Developer portal this week, Apple addressed its developers […]

Strava for iOS now allows Apple Watch workouts to be imported

Yesterday Strava has released a much needed update to its iOS and Apple Watch app which allows syncing between Apple’s own workouts app on the Apple Watch and the Strava app. Strava have achieved this by improving its HealthKit integration. This addition is really useful if you want to use Apple’s workout app on the Watch and not Strava’s own app, but do want to use the social benefits and […]

Pokémon Go now requires iPhones on iOS 11

Pokémon Go are making some large(ish) changes to the game, specifically the app is now requiring iPhone models which can run iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, this does mean however that older iPhones which aren’t 64-bit won’t be able to use the game anymore. More power With iOS 11, Apple introduced new APIs for developers to make AR much more immersive. Prior to this, Pokémon did […]

iWork, iMovie and GarageBand are now free for all users

Apple’s iWork suite, GarageBand and iMovie were made free for all users yesterday, previously it was required to purchase a new iPhone, iPad or Mac to be eligible for the software free of charge. This change came into play at the end of 2013 but some users who are still using older hardware were required to purchase the apps. What is iWork and iLife? iWork and iLife are really what Apple used […]

Touch Bar Function Keys when using Windows via Bootcamp on the new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro has been completely redesigned with a brand new feature called the ‘Touch Bar’. This has come about in the effort of creating thinner machines that shifts away from traditional computer ports. Apple has solved this by putting in place the latest Thunderbolt 3 ports and by replacing the function key row of the keyboard with a new versatile Touch Bar that dynamically changes based on whatever app the user […]

Shazam introduces some impressive new features!

Shazam, the popular apps that finds the ID of any song simply by listening to a sample of a song, has added some impressive new features! Shazam is a mobile app that allows the user to capture 20 seconds of any song, no matter if it’s intro, verse, or chorus, and will create a fingerprint for the recorded sample. The app will then look this hash tag up in it’s massive […]

Over 2,600 apps are now available for the new Apple TV

The new Apple TV has only been on sale for just over a month now and already, tvOS has over 2,600 native applications which can be downloaded, apps such as games, shopping apps, weather, panoramic views and ways to watch TV. Also surprisingly as this device is intended to be plugged into a TV to watch Netflix, Now TV and YouTube and in the US Hulu, HBO Now and ESPN […]

No new apps over Christmas, submissions won’t be accepted from Dec 22-29

Last week, Apple let app developers know that the App Store will have a shutdown period for a few days over the Christmas holidays, for consumers this means that there wont be any new apps over those days as Apple won’t be responding to any new updates or new app submissions over the seven days. Apple’s announcement to developers The busiest season on the App Store is almost here. Make […]

Rovio, the Angry Birds firm is cutting another 260 employees

Rovio, the company behind the hit game Angry Birds is cutting another 260 jobs with goals to become more profitable. The game was a extremely popular when it launched back in 2009 as the App Store was taking off on iPhone and iPod touch and Rovio reaped the benefits, but it wasn’t going to be long after it would decline. The company has been pushing the Angry Birds brand for a long […]