VW Arteon eHybrid now available

Volkswagen has added a new hybrid plug in version of the new Arteon to the lineup with the eHybrid. It has a 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine as well as an electric motor with over 200bhp in total and is available in the saloon version as well as the new estate like ‘Shooting Brake’ model, which was introduced for the most recent facelift model. The battery is small sounding, but has […]

We’re getting more things delivered lately, this has sparked concern of fuel consumption

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more and more things are being delivered to us at home, online food shopping, essential items, clothes and even cars are being delivered to us now. This rapid increase in deliveries has caused some concern about road congestion, the impact of burning fuel and what that means for air quality in cities. LeasePlan has conduced some research to look into this and […]

Jaguar launches UK exclusive F-Type Reims Edition

Earlier this week, Jaguar debuted a new limited edition trim of the current generation F-Type, called the F-Type Reims Edition. The Reims Edition pays homage to the Reims circuit in France, where the Jaguar D-Type once its first race. The new limited edition is only going to be available in the UK, with just 150 being made in total coming in a unique French Racing Blue with the Exterior Black […]

Audi and BMW both stop offering car subscriptions in the US

Both Audi and BMW are ending their car subscription services in the US, Audi will be ending its service at the end of January on the 31st and Access by BMW will be shut down, but something new is coming soon as the company is working on the “next iteration.” Access by BMW was only available in Nashville anyway. Also Mercedes-Benz has closed down its own subscription service and the root cause, […]

GM has a new modern logo

Earlier this month, General Motors has introduced a brand new logo fit for the modern world, which the company has said fits its renewed commitment to electric vehicles, something the company does need to start focusing on. GM is also looking to compete with Tesla too, so it has a new marketing campaign to go along with it to drive it home that GM is focusing on EVs. GMs old […]

Ford is delaying some Mustang Mach E orders due to needing to do ‘quality checks’

Ford is a bit behind with delivering the new all electric Mustang Mach-E to customers, the new SUV was supposed to start being delivered to customers, last month but some new buyers are having to wait a bit longer due to the company needing to carry out “additional quality checks” with some deliveries being delayed by around a month. Ford has been previously bullish on Tesla, with Darren Palmer who […]

An all electric Corvette SUV could be in the works

According to a report from Bloomberg, Chevrolet could be working a new SUV under the Corvette brand, much like what Ford has done recently with the new Mustang Mach-E. The Corvette SUV could be an all electric SUV for the first time. The latest Corvette is mid engined and is also coming here to the UK soon, in right hand drive trim. But we’ll have to wait and see what GM and […]

Vauxhall Corsa VXR could come back next year, in electric form

Vauxhall stopped selling the Corsa VXR back in 2019, just before the current generation was introduced and at that time, it was the last Vauxhall to have that badge. However, Vauxhall has confirmed the the VXR badge is coming back in 2022, but this time as an all electric hot hatch. The new e-Corsa VXR (if that’s what it’ll be called) would likely be based on the current e-Corsa, which […]

Around 56,000 Volkswagen Golfs to receive a software update

This week, Volkswagen has issues a voluntary update of over 56,000 models of the new eighth generation Golf 8, with 7,400 of them being here in the UK. The update will update the software on the cars that were made before July 2020 and it addresses issues with the infotainment system and reversing camera. Volkswagen has had some issues with software QA lately, on the Golf 8 itself and on […]

Citroën launches new e-Berlingo electric van, with 171 miles of range

Today, Citroën has announced the all new e-Berlingo, the first small all electric van from the PSA group so far and it is actually the fist of three new electric vans the group is planning on launching in this year alone. PSA, which also owns DS, Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall and Citroën is planning on completely making the van line up fully electric by the year 2025. Like the other larger vans […]