UK government is planning a mandate for electric cars to be a percentage of a car manufacturer’s sales

The UK government is planning on proposing that the cars that manufacturers sell, a proportion of them have to be fully electric, or zero emissions, such as hydrogen. The exact details of this proposal is yet to be finalised or even decided at this stage – the DfT hasn’t even had a consultation on it yet. However, the eventual aim is to improve choice for customers, now that there is a […]

All electric Citroën e-Berlingo van now on sale

Citroën’s new all electric e-Berlingo is now on sale in the UK, with prices starting at £31,302, when taking in consideration the £3,000 plug in van grant. The e-Berlingo also joins the other electric vans on offer from other Stellantis brands, Fiat, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall. The group has small vans, medium and large all offered with electric versions. Citroën is not offering the all electric version in the base […]

All electric Peugeot e-Partner van on sale now

The all electric Peugeot e-Partner was announced earlier this year in February and it joins the Stellantis line up of all electric commercial vechincles, all the brands are sharing the same platforms, from Peugeot to Vauxhall. This means that like the small EV hatchbacks, such as the Corsa-e and e-208, the underpinnings and electiufcla components are identical. The e-Partner is on sale now in the UK, with prices starting at £31,262 […]

Tesla launches a new CCS adapter in South Korea, coming to the US soon

Throughout the US, the CCS charging socket is proving popular, even though for Tesla vehicles they use a propriety connector. Here in the UK and Europe, the CCS standard is prevalent and Tesla even switched to using it by default on the Model 3 when it was launched here. However, as many third party chargers that are not on the Supercharger network have switched or are switching to CCS, Tesla […]

Tesla Model Y now available to pre-order in the UK

Starting today here in the UK, Tesla has made its new Model Y small SUV available to pre-order, with shipments estimated for early 2022. Initially, the company was going to build them at the Gigafactory in Berlin, however for some markets in Europe, Tesla has been shipping some over from Shanghai. It is unclear where Tesla is going to import the Model Y cars destined for the UK from, as […]

Ford US will be deploying engineers to constantly test broken electric car chargers

Ford is aware of what issues EV drivers see on a fairly regular basis, a charge that doesn’t work. Naturally, this can put potential electric car owners off, so Ford’s manger of electric vehicles, Darren Palmer has announced that the company has plans to visit any electric chargers in the US that may have had data from a Mach-E, or any complaints on social media and test the chargers with a […]

MG launches new MG 5 EV for 2022, with a 249 mile range

MG has announced the new MG 5 EV estate, its all electric car which is destined to come soon to Europe, but the company hasn’t said anything yet whether or not a release to the UK is on the cards. The new car has a brand new design, which is much more aggressive than the outgoing model and the interior is similar to the new ZS EV which was announced […]

Tesla has confirmed the Roadster will start being produced in 2023

Despite the delays the Roadster has seen, Tesla is now on track to start production in 2023, which will be six years after initially announcing it, alongside the Semi in 2017. Elon Musk has attributed the delays of the roadster down to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequencing supply chain issues for parts. The second generation Roadster was originally due to go on sale in 2020, with prices starting at […]

BMW launches new redesigned 2 Series Active Tourer

BMW has launched a new redesigned 2 Series Active Tourer recently, with a new engine line up, new front end look and more space inside. This is now the second generation of the Tourer and it is due to go on sale here in the UK starting in March 2022. BMW says the 2 Series Active Tourer is related to the existing 2 Series couope, but this is only in […]

2022 Geneva Motor Show has now been cancelled

The Geneva Motor Show has been cancelled for the third year in a row now, the 2020 one was cancelled due to the initial fears of the Covid-19 pandemic, then the 2021 one was too due to the ongoing pandemic and the organisers for the show have now cancelled the 2022 event, which was due to take place in February. “We have pushed very hard and tried everything to reactivate […]