Audi announces new all electric E-tron GT

This week Audi has announced the all new, all electric E-tron GT, its third car under the E-tron brand and while the first two models have been high riding SUVs, the GT is more of a rival to the Tesla Model S, which Audi has describes as “the gran turismo of the future.” The GT is also around the same price as the Tesla Model S, with prices starting at […]

Audi and BMW both stop offering car subscriptions in the US

Both Audi and BMW are ending their car subscription services in the US, Audi will be ending its service at the end of January on the 31st and Access by BMW will be shut down, but something new is coming soon as the company is working on the “next iteration.” Access by BMW was only available in Nashville anyway. Also Mercedes-Benz has closed down its own subscription service and the root cause, […]