BMW announces new X3 M and X4 M

Today BMW has updated its X3 and X4 SUVs with new styling and other tweaks during the cars midlife facelift. Part of the new update, are the revised M models, both with more torque and with some part sharing between the new M3 and M4 models. The BMW X3 M Competition and X4 M Competition both have the same level of power as the outgoing models, with 503bhp from the […]

BMW announces new i4 electric saloon

This week, BMW has announced the new i4, which is the company’s first all electric saloon and it aims to challenge the Tesla Model 3 and the Porsche Taycan. The i4 will go on sale later this year in the UK, with prices starting at £51,905. Range for the i4 is between 255 and 367 miles depending on the trim level. It can also charge at up to 210kW where supported, […]

BMW launches new charging service in the UK

BMW has launched a new charging service recently here in the UK, which offers one simple package with various pricing options. The service will have main app and give BMW and Mini customers access to charging stations from BP Pulse, ESB, Osprey, Source London, Instavolt and Ionity. There are a few options on how to pay, with the Flex tariff, BP Pulse package and the Ionity Plus package. The first […]

BMW announces new convertible M4 Competition

As BMW is completing its line up for the new M3 and M4 Competition, with an estate version of the M3 coming soon as well as the new cars having the option of four wheel drive for the first time. BMW has now launched a new convertible version of the M4 Competition. The new car now opts for a fabric roof, ditching the metal folding roof and therefore saving a […]

New BMW M3 and M4 both now have xDrive four wheel drive options

The latest BMW M3 and M4 cars were only just launched this month here in the UK and already BMW has updated the range with a new option for wheel drive, like the latest BMW M5. However the M3 and M4 can be ordered in a rear wheel drive only or four wheel drive configurations. The new M3 and M4 Competition xDrive and will go into production this July, both […]

BMW reduces price of i3 in the UK so it can qualify for electric car grant

This week, BMW has reduced the price of the BMW i3 all electric car in the UK, due to how the government has recently changed the plug-in car grant (PiCG). At the beginning of this month, BMW actually raised the price of the i3 by £3665, bringing the price up to £39,690. However, on the 18th March the UK government changed the scheme, reducing the contribution in provides from £3,000 […]

BMW announces price of all electric iX SUV, starts at £69,000

BMW has announced the prices and more details about the new upcoming iX all electric SUV. The car will have up to 373 miles of range on the top spec version with dual motors, 100kWH battery and up to 500bhp. BMW is launching the iX with a brand new version of iDrive, with a 12.3-inch drivers display and a much larger 14.9-inch display for infotainment. The main screen is touchscreen, […]

BMW will put the new i4 on sale this autumn

This week, BMW showed off the brand new final version of the i4, an all electric saloon car in a similar size class to the Model 3 from Tesla. BMW is now getting ready to put the car on sale, which it says is three months earlier than the company had originally planned. The BMW line of ‘i’ cars has been slowly expanding lately, back in 2013 the company had […]

Audi and BMW both stop offering car subscriptions in the US

Both Audi and BMW are ending their car subscription services in the US, Audi will be ending its service at the end of January on the 31st and Access by BMW will be shut down, but something new is coming soon as the company is working on the “next iteration.” Access by BMW was only available in Nashville anyway. Also Mercedes-Benz has closed down its own subscription service and the root cause, […]

BMW announces prices for new M3 and M4, starting at £74,755 – both are on sale now

BMWs new M3 and M4 have now gone on sale, starting at £74,755 for the top of the line Competition spec. Both cars are available to order now with initial deliveries starting in March this year. The most expensive M3 with all the options can reach over £100,000. Both cars have a six-cylinder engine with 503bhp and for the first time in the 3 Series and 4 Series, the option […]