Electric Vehicles

Vauxhall launches all electric Combo-e van with 171 mile range

Joining the other two PSA related small electric vans is the new Combo-e from Vauxhall. Peugeot has the e-Partner and Citroën has the e-Berlingo. All three vans share the same CMP platform which is what the Corsa-e and e-208 are both based on. As expected all three vans are very similar, all with 171 miles of range and going on sale later this year. The Combo-e has a single electric motor […]

Peugeot launches all electric e-Partner van with 171 mile range

Earlier in January, Citroën launched the all electric e-Berlingo and off of that platform, the other companies in the PSA group have launched their own versions, first up is the e-Partner from Peugeot. The new van will go on sale later this year and joins the e-Berlingo and Combo-e. All three vans are essentially the same, sitting in the size below the larger vans each company makes with the e-Expert […]

The new Volkswagen ID.4 all electric SUV is now on sale in the UK

The all new Volkswagen ID.4 is now on sale in the UK with prices starting at £37,800 for now. The only model available straight out of the gate is the ID.4 1st Edition with less expensive models coming later this year, much like how the launch of the ID.3 has gone. The ID.4 1st Edition has a 77kWh battery pack as standard with a range of 310 miles. Orders can […]

Citroën says that electric fleets could reduce congestion charge by £17m

Citroën has come out and said that if companies switched their vehicle fleets away from purely fossil fuels to full electric or even plug-in hybrid they can save over £17 million per year, based on the costs of the London Congestion Charge Zone. “Electric vehicles such as New e-C4 and e-Dispatch van are ideal for business and fleet users. Not only do they suit a variety of driving conditions, their […]

Tesla has delayed the Roadster until 2022

Tesla has had to delay the 2nd generation Roadster again, this time down to the motor and battery system needed more work. Elon said that the engineering will be finished this year with production to start in 2022. The new Roadster was unveiled back in 2017 alongside the Semi, Tesla’s upcoming all electric truck, which itself has some impressive stats. Up until Elon was asked on Twitter yesterday, not much […]

Mercedes announces all electric EQA SUV

Mercedes has announced the all new EQA small SUV, its second all electric car so far following on from the larger EQC. The EQA is about the same size as the BMW X2 and is set to compete with the Audi Q2, Jaguar E-Pace but their electric versions of this size car are a while away. The new car is only available in one spec, with the EQA 250 had […]

Tesla is now hiring people to deal with tweets sent to Elon Musk

If you follow Tesla CEO, Elon Musk on Twitter at all, you know he regularly responds to customers with suggestions, ideas and complaints. However it cant be the best use of his time, as Tesla has a full customer services team on hand. And judging by a recent job listing for Tesla, it looks like the company wants to change how this works. Tesla is looking for a person to […]

New refreshed Tesla Model S appears on online configurator

Brand new images of a redesigned Tesla Model S have appeared on the official online configurator today over on tesla.com, boasting an all new interior with landscape screen, redesigned dashboard with less buttons, new steering wheel and a screen in the rear for the passengers. The car has three large screens, one for the rear passengers which allows for gaming and controlling the new tri-zone climate system. The middle main […]

We’re getting more things delivered lately, this has sparked concern of fuel consumption

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more and more things are being delivered to us at home, online food shopping, essential items, clothes and even cars are being delivered to us now. This rapid increase in deliveries has caused some concern about road congestion, the impact of burning fuel and what that means for air quality in cities. LeasePlan has conduced some research to look into this and […]

Ford is delaying some Mustang Mach E orders due to needing to do ‘quality checks’

Ford is a bit behind with delivering the new all electric Mustang Mach-E to customers, the new SUV was supposed to start being delivered to customers, last month but some new buyers are having to wait a bit longer due to the company needing to carry out “additional quality checks” with some deliveries being delayed by around a month. Ford has been previously bullish on Tesla, with Darren Palmer who […]