Tesla won’t be making the Model S Plaid+ with over 1,000bhp

Tesla has announced this week that the upcoming Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid+ models won’t be going on sale after all, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying that the model is cancelled as the standard Plaid model is powerful enough. The standard Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid models come with 1,006bhp from the three motors on board, with a claimed 0-60mph time of under 2 seconds, at 1.99 […]

Elon says the new Tesla Model S Plaid is delayed slightly

Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted out that the new upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid will be delayed by around a week. The new Plaid version of the Model S is the most powerful version to date with 1020bhp, a top speed of 200mph and around 520 miles of range, with the upcoming Plaid Plus version. Elon said the Plaid would need around one week more of work […]

Tesla is now bundling solar panels and the Powerwall

Tesla is now bundling together its solar panel products and the Powerwall battery storage device, meaning you can only purchase both of them together. Starting next week, the Tesla website will let potential customers know that the only way to get the Tesla Solar Panels and Solar Roof is to purchase them with the Powerwall battery. Elon has said Tesla will be able to unlock more capabilities down the line. […]

Tesla now has over 600 sites in UK and EU for Supercharging

In the last few days, Tesla has crossed the mark for the amount of Supercharging locations it has in Europe for Tesla customers to charge up their cars. The company now has over 600 locations in the UK and the rest of Europe, equating to 6039 individual chargers. Tesla has achieved this in just eight years, which is impressive – with the first Supercharger in Europe in Norway back in […]

Tesla is now expanding the beta for Full Self-Driving

Tesla currently has Full Self-Driving support for its cars in beta currently, but it has limited spaces so only a certain amount of people have been able to join. However that is soon about to change, Elon Musk recently tweeted out that the beta program is expanding, by a lot. The program is going to expand in size by about ten times. If you want to take part, Elon Musk […]

Tesla has stopped taking orders for the base line Model Y

In the last few days, Tesla has stopped orders for the entry level Model Y small SUV. The Standard Range version only launched a few weeks ago and has been dropped all of a sudden. This decision could be for any reason, supply issues, backorders retooling etc. The base price of the Model Y was $39,990 which was a reduced price anyway, now the Standard Range version has gone the […]

Tesla has been ordered to recall 12,300 Model X cars due to loose trim

Tesla has been ordered to recall over 12,000 Tesla Model X vehicles worldwide due to trim issues related to adhesive. Germany has instigated the recall, specifically KBA, the motor vehicle regulator in Germany. The KBA has said that on older Model X vehicles, the trim could become loose and then could fall off while the car is moving, which is a serious safety issue. This issue affects older Model X vehicle, […]

Tesla has delayed the Roadster until 2022

Tesla has had to delay the 2nd generation Roadster again, this time down to the motor and battery system needed more work. Elon said that the engineering will be finished this year with production to start in 2022. The new Roadster was unveiled back in 2017 alongside the Semi, Tesla’s upcoming all electric truck, which itself has some impressive stats. Up until Elon was asked on Twitter yesterday, not much […]

Tesla is now hiring people to deal with tweets sent to Elon Musk

If you follow Tesla CEO, Elon Musk on Twitter at all, you know he regularly responds to customers with suggestions, ideas and complaints. However it cant be the best use of his time, as Tesla has a full customer services team on hand. And judging by a recent job listing for Tesla, it looks like the company wants to change how this works. Tesla is looking for a person to […]

New refreshed Tesla Model S appears on online configurator

Brand new images of a redesigned Tesla Model S have appeared on the official online configurator today over on tesla.com, boasting an all new interior with landscape screen, redesigned dashboard with less buttons, new steering wheel and a screen in the rear for the passengers. The car has three large screens, one for the rear passengers which allows for gaming and controlling the new tri-zone climate system. The middle main […]