Mini confirms that the iconic convertible will be electric in 2025

Mini has confirmed that it will be launching an all new electric convertible version of the Mini this decade, specifically in 2025. Currently the company only offers the Mini in electric form on one model, the three door hatchback so it is good that the drivetrain will make it to more models. It is likely that the Mini E Convertible will share the same drivetrain and battery set up from […]

The first BMW Mini is now 20 years old

Twenty years ago this week, the very first BMW Mini was produced here in the UK, in Oxford. On 26th April 2001 the first one rolled off the line and this was just a few months ahead of the launch to customers later that year in July. Over the tears, over five million cars have been produced here in the UK, not only in Oxford but in Swindon too. The […]

Mini will be an all electric only company by 2030

Earlier this week, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has announced that Mini will become an all electric only company by the year 2030, with the company’s last combustion only model to be released in 2025, then on everything new the company launches will be electric only. So far the company only has the new Mini E on sale, which went on sale in March 2020 with prices starting at £25,500 for […]

Mini is going to stop using leather in future vehicles

New models offered by Mini in the future are to be leather free as part of a move for the company to be more sustainable and responsible for the materials it uses. Mini design boss, Oliver Heilmer has confirmed this news. Mini is making a move to become as sustainable as possible and one way is to stop using leather all together. 54% of new Mini cars in the UK […]

BMW has removed the option of a diesel engine from some BMW and Mini cars

BMW has removed the option of a diesel engine from a few BMW cars and Mini today in the UK as the demand for diesel dwindles. BMW has spoken to Autocar today about this and a couple of cars have been mode petrol only, including the 2 Series Coupe and 2 Series Convertible as well as the Countryman D in the Mini lineup. The main reason for removing the diesel is the […]

BMW to cut 400 jobs at Mini factory in Oxford

This week it has been reported by the BBC, that BMW is planning on axing around 400 jobs at the Mini factory in Oxford which currently produces the new Mini E all electric car. The employees in question are not employed directly by BMW however, out of the total 4000 people working at the Oxford factory, 950 are employed by the Gi Group, a third party agency and the cuts […]

Mini is hoping to reopen its Oxford factory this month

Back in March at the start of the UK lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic, we reported that Mini had made the decision to close its factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire. At the time, Mini were hoping to reopen the factory as well as the other in Europe by April, but obviously that didn’t happen due to the ongoing pandemic. This week, BMW said that production is expected to start again on the […]

BMW shuts down Mini plant in Cowley, Oxfordshire – for one month

Following in suit with other car companies here in the UK, BMW owned Mini has closed its factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire. The plant closed on Friday evening last week. This joins other car companies, Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover which both closed their factories on the 20th March for one month. Earlier this month, Nissan closed its Sunderland based factory for a while too. These closures are due to the […]