Mercedes is not going to sell the EQC in the US ‘for now’

Mercedes launched the all electric EQC SUV in 2019 here in the UK and Europe but the USA is a very big market for Mercedes and competition for electric cars is fierce especially with Tesla selling huge numbers. Despite this so far Mercedes hasn’t launched the EQC in North America but this decision may change in the future. Large SUVs and pick up trucks are very popular in the US […]

Mercedes has had to recall over 1 million cars in regard to emergency systems issue

Mercedes-Benz in the US has had to recall nearly 1.3 million cars due to unreliable in car emergency systems for a wide range of models made between 2016 and 2021 and this affects even the entry level A-Class up to the high end S-Class. The issue like most things, is software and Mercedes does have a Mercedes Me system for over the air updates and not every car is fitted […]

Nissan has now sold over 1 million crossovers in the UK

This week, Nissan UK hit quite a large milestone because it has just crossed the one million mark for the total number of Nissan crossovers sold here in the UK. This number is a total of cars sold since the first Qashqai was put on sale back at the end of 2006, over 14 years ago. Way back in 2006, Nissan kind of kick-started the small crossover boom we are […]

Audi announces new all electric E-tron GT

This week Audi has announced the all new, all electric E-tron GT, its third car under the E-tron brand and while the first two models have been high riding SUVs, the GT is more of a rival to the Tesla Model S, which Audi has describes as “the gran turismo of the future.” The GT is also around the same price as the Tesla Model S, with prices starting at […]

Vauxhall launches all electric Combo-e Life with 174 miles of range

Vauxhall launched the new Combo-E commercial van recently, it shares its platform with the Peugeot e-Partner and Citroën e-Berlingo and this week the first non van version of the Combo-e has been announced, with the Life variant which is geared more towards families, with room for up to seven seats and a range of 174 miles. The Combo-e Life has a single electric motor which makes 134bhp, taking it from 0-60mph in […]

Volkswagen’s entry level ID.3 is now on sale in the UK

Today, Volkswagen has put the new ID.3 Pro on sale priced at £28,670 after the government grant, sitting at the entry level of the range. The Pro moniker refers to the electric motor, available on the Life, Business and Family trim levels and sits just underneath the Pro Performance motor option. The Pro Performance is priced at £29,990, with the government grant. Understandably, the Pro version has less power than the […]

Lotus announces new special edition Elise and Exige models before discontinuation

This week Lotus has announced the very last version of the iconic Elise and Exige, after 20 years in production the two models will both have limited editions, with more power and exclusive design changes. This discontinuation of existing Lotus models comes after the news that Lotus is introducing an entire new family of products, the first of which being the Type 131 which will go into production later this […]

Vauxhall launches all electric Combo-e van with 171 mile range

Joining the other two PSA related small electric vans is the new Combo-e from Vauxhall. Peugeot has the e-Partner and Citroën has the e-Berlingo. All three vans share the same CMP platform which is what the Corsa-e and e-208 are both based on. As expected all three vans are very similar, all with 171 miles of range and going on sale later this year. The Combo-e has a single electric motor […]

Peugeot launches all electric e-Partner van with 171 mile range

Earlier in January, Citroën launched the all electric e-Berlingo and off of that platform, the other companies in the PSA group have launched their own versions, first up is the e-Partner from Peugeot. The new van will go on sale later this year and joins the e-Berlingo and Combo-e. All three vans are essentially the same, sitting in the size below the larger vans each company makes with the e-Expert […]