Porsche is recalling 43,000 Taycans due to powertrain software issue

Porsche is recalling 43,000 Taycans due to powertrain software issue it has seen, the issue could randomly shut down the drivetrain, bit this accord to Porsche has only been seen in a few cases. Porsche has said this recall is applying to all Taycan models produced before June 2021 and 4,495 of them are in the UK. The issue is related to a software issue with the power inverter, Porsche […]

Porsche launches new Cayenne Turbo GT, with 631bhp

This week, Porsche launched the new ultra powerful Cayenne Turbo GT SUV, with 631bhp. It will be available here in the UK later this year in September starting at £143,910 and it can be ordered now. The new version is based on the Cayenne Coupé Turbo and the GT model adds new spoilers, exhausts, diffusers and new tires designed for this car. The Turbo GT is also now the fastest […]

Porsche launches new 911 GTS

Porsche has recently announced the new 911 GTS and is on sale now, with prices starting at £108,920. Porsche is aiming this model at customers who want a 911 with more performance but don’t want to step to the GT3, which can have some compromises when used on the road, as opposed to the track. The GTS comes in a hardtop version, Cabriolet as well as a Targa 4 with […]

Porsche’s best selling model in November was the all-electric Taycan

While the company hasn’t released any hard numbers on the amount of cars it has sold, Porsche spoke to Autocar and said that here in the UK last month, it sold more of the Taycan than any other of its models, typically the company sells more Macan SUVs most months. The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first foray into the all electric world, it did make hybrid with the 918 back in 2013, […]

Porsche Taycan will soon have native Apple Podcast support

Porsche has recently updated the Taycan to now support native Apple Podcasts, as well as native Apple Music integration, which was added last year. This is the first car to have both serviced natively built in. Apple Music is also gaining the real time lyrics which was added to iOS recently too. “A great podcast can make any drive more enjoyable. With Apple Podcasts, drivers can effortlessly catch up on […]

New 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S gets new GT3 style packages

Porsche has released a few new optional packages for the new 911 Turbo S, which add a few styling tweaks which make i look more like a 911 GT3. New Lightweight and Sport packages are now available. The new Lightweight package is only available on the coupe version and it saves a total of 30kg from the car, by reducing the amount of noise isolation and also removes the rear […]

Porsche is planning on opening a pop up store in Europe soon

Porsche has tried the concept of a pop up store before in Taiwan, within the Xinyi district and must have helped to boost sales as the company is ready to try it in its home town of Stuttgart, marking the first pop up store Porsche is opening in Europe. Porsche also has other pop up stores in Canada, Brazil and the one is Taiwan  we mentioned. “The sales pop-ups are […]

Porsche launches Super Bowl ad for the Taycan, first one in 23 years

Porsche is returning to the Super Bowl ad space for this year and it has been a long time since they were here last, back in 1997, which is 23 years ago. This year, Porsche is using their ad to highlight the new Taycan, which was launched in the last few weeks and is the company’s first all electric car, which rivals the Tesla Model S. “To spotlight the market […]

New Porsche 718 Boxster revealed, out in April

This April Porsche is releasing a revised edition of the Boxster using the 718 name at the upcoming Geneva motor show this March, with a 2.0 litre engine and 296bhp. Porsche are opting for a four cylinder engine in this edition, interestingly for the first time since the 968 back in 1995. The Boxster 718 will be replacing the outgoing and current Boxster which is on sale now, in addition […]