Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 45 anniversary edition now on sale

Volkswagen announced the new 45th anniversary edition of the Golf GTI back in February this year and it is now on sale here in the UK for £39,980. The standard GTI has 242bhp and 273lb ft torque, but power with the new limited edition now has 296bhp and 295lb ft torque. Other additions include an exclusive ‘Race’ package, which Volkswagen is making only available on the Clubsport 45, which includes a […]

Volkswagen introduces new ID.4 GTX with 295bhp and 298 miles of range

Last week we reported that Volkswagen would be launching a new GTX version of the ID.4 all electric SUV, with four wheel drive and more power. Today Volkswagen has introduced the ID.4 GTX, it has 295bhp, four wheel drive from two motors and a range of 298 miles. The GTX line will sit alongside the GTI, GTE and GTD brands Volkswagen has and will the brand for performance electric models. […]

Volkswagen to launch new sporty ID.4 GTX next week

Volkswagen has recently confirmed that next week, it’ll be launching its first sporty electric car with the GTX badge. The ID.4 GTX SUV will be announced next week on 28th April and will be all wheel drive and house two motors and have around 300bhp. The ID.4 will also be the first ID model VW sells to be all wheel drive with it being predominantly rear wheel drive with power […]

Volkswagen unveils the new Polo for 2021

Volkswagen has announced the new look Polo for 2021 this week with a mild facelift on the outside and redesigned interior to bring it more inline with newer Volkswagen cars. The Polo shares some of the same design language with the new eighth generation Golf, with LED light bar below the radiator grille. VW has also updated the numbers, redesigned the tailgate and for the first time ever on a […]

Volkswagen will be announcing the new Polo this week

Volkswagen has announced today that it will be previewing the new Polo for 2021 this week on Thursday, 22 April, via a virtual media event. The company has revealed the above image as a teaser, which features the same LED bar running the width of the front grill. Volkswagen has also hinted that the new Polo will feature a digital display, like the Mk8 Golf as well as being “always […]

Volkswagen announces new ID.6 – as a China only EV

In the last few days, Volkswagen has announced its new range topper for the ID lineup of electric cars, with the ID.6. The ID.6 sits above the new ID.4 SUV and will only be offered for sale in China as well as being produced only in China. The car offers seating for up to seven people and will go on sale later this year. Like the ID.4, the ID.6 sits […]

Volkswagen releases new entry level ID.3 at £28,370

This week, Volkswagen has launched a new entry level version of the ID.3 – the company’s Golf sized all electric car. The new trim is called City and comes in at £28,370 in the UK after the recent reduced £2,500 government grant for plug in cars. The ID.3 City comes with a 45kWh battery with 217 miles of range, 148bhp, 229lb ft of torque and it does 0-60mph in a […]

Volkswagen launches new Caddy California

Volkswagen has recently announced the new Caddy California, mini camper van which takes most of the features and conveniences of the larger California models and shrinks them down into the space of the smallest van Volkswagen makes, the Caddy. On the outside, the Caddy California just looks like Caddy MPV people carrier, but it has a kitchen, fold out bed and it even comes in a Maxi size, for more […]

Volkswagen ID Buzz coming to EU next year and US in 2023

The all electric Buzz from Volkswagen is coming very soon to Europe with the US getting it a year later in 2023. Volkswagen spoke to Car and Driver this week who confirmed the news. Volkswagen will be launching quite a wide variety of models here in the UK and UK with a commercial vehicle version as well as a passenger van in different wheelbase sizes, short and long. Whereas the US will […]

New Volkswagen Nivus to launch in Europe this year

Volkswagen is planing on launching the new Nivus SUV in Europe later this year, following on from its original launch in Brazil last spring. The Nivus is essentially the same size as the T-Cross, which itself sits in-between the T-Roc and the Tiguan. The Nivus is a coupe version of that car. Ralf Brandstatterm, head of the VW brand has said that the Nivus will be manufactured in Europe too, […]