EE is opening 90 stores today

Last week, EE CEO Marc Allera announced on Twitter that EE is going to be reopening more than 90 of its stores starting today, the 15th June. Stores will now have screens in place to protect staff from customers, as well as visors. The 90 stores that will be opening are only in England, due to the different rules in Wales and Scotland at the moment. Marc also mentioned that […]

EE launch new ‘4GEE Router’ for the home, with some serious prices

This week, EE has launched a new 4G router designed for the home environment – perhaps best suited to areas where people can’t get a reliable connection via a fixed copper or fibre broadband connection. The 4GEE Router is the first product fro the company which allows you to use wired devices, directly into the 4G connection. The router is compatible with the network’s 4GEE+ faster speeds. 4G The new […]

BT’s acquisition of EE for £12.5 billion has been approved

It doesn’t seem that long ago since BT announced that it was planning to buy EE, but here we are 11 months down the line and the acquisition has been approved, the wait was with the regulators who had to make sure that the two companies together won’t have an unfair advantage over any of the competition. But earlier today the acquisition of EE for £12.5 billion has been approved. The regulators looked into […]

EE Power Bars overheating, recall now live

A few months back, EE introduced its free charger for customers and as it turns out, people love free stuff as it went out of stock then after a wait it became available again. Although recently the Power Bars have been overheating and exploding, with one medical student being left with burns on his hand while it was charging. It has become so bad that EE is now recalling the […]

EE Power Bars are now back in stock

Not long ago, EE started giving out free power bars that to customers, but in just four days – they had a million requests for a free charger, so they had to stop giving out chargers to customers, but now the company has stocked up and is ready to give out the charges again. Just text “POWER” to 365 to claim your free Power Bar, if you’re on EE Starting this week, […]

WiFi calling now works for ‪#EE‬ iPhone users

With the latest version of iOS which dropped yesterday evening a new feature was added for EE customers in the UK who use a iPhone. WiFi calling is now available for the iPhone 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus. Originally the feature was intending to be released tomorrow, but with the release of iOS 8.3 it looks like it is arriving early. WiFi calling sounds similar to what FaceTime Audio, […]