Android 10 is now available for Samsung Galaxy Fold users in the US

Android 10 was officially released back in September last year and due to how Android works, not every device gets the latest version of Android in the first few months of it being available, if at all sometimes but for Samsung Galaxy Fold owners, Android 10 is compatible and just in the last few days the new operating system has been rolling out to owners in the US only at […]

Android 11 will give users better location tracking options

Google has announced that in the upcoming Android 11, users will have more choice over privacy and location options and how location information gets shared with Android and developers. Android is becoming a lot like iOS 13 in this sense, where the user will have the ability to restrict the app to only give location information on a timed basis, or as in iOS 13 only once – which is […]

CarPlay and Android Auto for Toyota US pickups coming for 2020 models

Toyota today has announced an all new pickup truck in the US, the 2020 Sequoia at the Chicago Auto Show as well as some exciting CarPlay and Android Auto news for US customers. The 2020 Sequoia joins a roster of TRD Pro vehicles that includes the Tacoma mid-size and Tundra full-size pickups and 4Runner SUV. Toyota CarPlay & more For the 2020 model year pickups from Toyota in the US, […]

Fortnite will come to Android, but won’t be on Google Play

Fortnite is becoming ridiculously popular. And after expanding the games platform coverage earlier this year with expansion onto Apple’s iOS earlier in April, then to the Nintendo Switch in June – just Android was left to cover the major platforms on the market. But in bringing the game to Android, much like iOS they first need to go through Google Play and for any paid apps, extra subscriptions and in-app […]

First Android Go Handsets will be arriving very soon

Android Go has been around for a little while now, first revealed at Google I/O in May 2017 it was billed as a smaller, lighter, less resource intensive version of the main Android operating system designed for less powerful phones, which typically have less than 1GB RAM. Earlier this week, Google revealed that we could expected to see the first hardware versions to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 […]

Google launches new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Yesterday evening, Google announced the much awaited successor to the Google Pixel, the aptly named Google Pixel 2. The company also launched a larger version called the Pixel 2 XL. Google’s line of high end smartphones were introduced in October 2016, with the first Pixel handset. Prior to that, the Nexus line of tablets and smartphones symboled Google’s own hardware line. The event At the event on Wednesday evening, Google […]

Essential Phone, now works on Verizon in the US

Andy Ruben, the famed father of Android launched his debut phone for pre-orders back in August. The phone, which is only available in the United States for now was launched with support only for the Spring network when the phone hit pre-order stage back in August. Now, as of today the phone will work on many of the major carriers in the US – including AT&T and T-Mobile. But for […]

Silicon Valley €2.4 Billion row between European Anti-Trust Officials and Google

Google have been fined a whopping $2.7 billion dollars, setting a new world record for the largest penalty against any Tech company to date. The multinational technology company have been charged by European Anti-Trust officials for favouring their own services against their competitors. The cooperate giant finds itself having to defend itself after been accused of “unfairly dominating the market place” with its advertising products. It is nothing new for a […]

Android O Beta version available for developers – with many new seamless features

As this year’s Google I/O developer event kicks off as of yesterday, Google have revealed some very exciting news for all Android developers. With the introduction to the developer preview for ‘Android O’ starting yesterday, developers will have a brand new set of tools to better optimise their apps. These new features include real time monitoring of each line of code to help the developer track down any issues like […]

Instagram for Android can work with no internet connection

Instagram has long required a constant internet connection to even function, some devices do cache a limited amount of recently view photos which you can browse when offline, but any likes or actions you take won’t get saved. Facebook introduced Facebook Lite around two years ago, which is designed mainly for the emerging markets where 4G and faster internet connections aren’t so widely available and also for lower end Android One […]