Google Chromecast Promotion $20 in Google Play Store

This Monday Google has announced their new promotion for their Chromecast line. This means if you buy any of their $30 devices, whether that be the new ‘Google Chromebook Pixel‘ selling from around $799, or a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player which can be priced a little over $30, you will get an exclusive $20 in credit to spend in the Google Play Store however you choose. You could even preorder the […]

Google Pixel C tablet now on sale

Google seem to be making strides in making its own hardware recently, the Chromebook Pixel was the first device made by the company and the Pixel C continues in the line and is the first tablet to be developed by the company and its now on sale through the Google website. Google seem to be aiming the Pixel C at the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro as it is […]

The next Android Wear update will bring battery life improvements

If you are using an Android Wear based watch at the moment, you may have noticed that the battery life may be a bit poor, well Google has acknowledged this and in the latest release of Android Wear, version 1.3 it added interactive notifications along with a couple of other additions. But if you’re having battery issues a fix in the form of version 1.4 is coming soon. This news originally […]

Facebook asks that all employees use Android phones

Working for Facebook must be neat and all but depending on your phone preference it may have a slight downside. Facebook is now requesting that all employees use Android phones as opposed to iPhones in the work place, this move isn’t aiming to advertise Android phones and state that iPhones are bad but instead to help improve the software on the platform as the vast majority of emerging markets are […]

Google Translate updated for iPad Split View

Google’s translator app has now been updated to support the new Split View multitasking view on iOS 9 which works with the iPad Air 2, the brand new iPad mini 4 and the iPad Pro. This addition will be very useful for people doing translation work on a document for a foreign person or doing that french homework on your iPad. This also allows for copy and paste between Google […]

Google has offered reward to man who took over

A couple of weeks back, Sanmay Ved somehow managed to buy for $12/£8. Within a few minutes Google noticed the issue and promptly removed him as the owner and was refunded the cost of the domain. Now, following the mishap Google has offered Mr Ved a cash reward for spotting the issue. This happened on September 29 and he noticed that was available to purchase for a meer $12/£8. […]

Google Maps is now navigating on the Apple Watch

Earlier this week, Google added another app to the Apple Watch, Google Maps which will help the search giant compete with Apple Maps, as Cupertino have, with iOS 9 and El Capitan added support for transit directions. The version for iPad and iPhone has also gained some new features such as the ability to compare the time it would take on foot vs biking and more. Change Log: Easily compare ETAs across […]

Google launches new Chromecast that plays audio

Today Google has launched a lot, but the Chromecast Audio is a new product which has been a long time coming and this may be about to disrupt the market place for in home audio playback. Currently there are a few ways to play audio in the home including Sonos, AirPlay and Cast speakers. All of which brings even more confusion. Chromecast Sounds Cutting to the chase, the Chromecast Audio […]

Rumour: The next Google phones may be the Nexus 5X and 6P

Google seems to be planning on revealing new Nexus hardware at the end of this month on the 29th, but Android focused website Droid Life has reported that the two new handsets that are expected to be released will be called the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. One device will be made my LG and the other by Huawei, the LG phone is rumoured to have a 5.2-inch screen and the other […]

New update for Chrome now uses less battery

Google has long been causing battery drain on laptops and also a memory hog. Now Google is finally making an effort to help chrome be faster and less taxing on your battery. The latest big update, Chrome 45 brings increased speed and better battery life on MacBooks. Chrome is now capable of monitor which tabs aren’t been used and remove them from RAM. Also when reopening come, it will restore the tabs that […]