First Android Go Handsets will be arriving very soon

Android Go has been around for a little while now, first revealed at Google I/O in May 2017 it was billed as a smaller, lighter, less resource intensive version of the main Android operating system designed for less powerful phones, which typically have less than 1GB RAM. Earlier this week, Google revealed that we could expected to see the first hardware versions to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 […]

New Chrome update will show HTTP websites as unsecure

The recent rise of websites supporting HTTPS has grown significantly in the past few years and while sites such as banking and actually any site where personal information is transmitted should be encrypted, it has been widely considered ‘unimportant’ to enable HTTPS on standard sites, like news websites, cafe sites etc. But to is very important to turn on, A&T Tech Back in April last year, we enabled HTTPS on […]

Google Wallet and Android Pay become Google Pay

Google has long had a confusing history with mobile payments, the first incarnation they tried was Google Wallet back in 2011, which was mainly designed as a peer-to-peer platforms for paying your friends money you owed them etc. Android Pay was next in 2015, which didn’t actually replace Google Wallet but was more of an answer to Apple Pay which was launched a year earlier in 2014 with the iPhone […]

YouTube TV expands to 34 new areas, in the US

This week, YouTube TV has expanded to 34 new locations within the United States. When the service was first launched back in April this year the service was only available in 49 locations so today’s additions brings to total to 83 different markets where YouTube TV is available. The service has added support in Green Bat, San Diego, New Orleans, Tulsa, Tuscon and much more. Whats is YouTube TV? YouTube […]

Google Home Max speaker goes on sale this week

Google has been busy this year developing a whole new range of smart speakers with the Google Assistant built in, the Google Home Mini has been out for a few months now and has mostly likely been picked out for a few gifts this year and the standard Google Home which has been out for more than a year. But one speaker which was announced at Google’s event back in […]

Google is blocking YouTube on the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV

In the last few months, Amazon and Google have been butting heads on the integration of YouTube on Amazon’s devices, specifically on the Echo Show and Fire TV. As of writing, Google has now actually pulled support for YouTube on both the Echo Show and all the Fire TV devices. The main feud is mainly over Amazon not selling some of Google’s own hardware products, such as Chromecast and the […]

Google Calendar receives long overdue UI update

Google Calendar on mobile has long been ahead of its web counterpart for user interface design, but today Google has finally updated the look and feel of the web version. For ages it has had a Google Mail -esque feel about it and looked sort of out of place when comparing it to the more recent of Google’s projects, including Inbox, Maps and also the newer Android releases. New Look […]

Google launches new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Yesterday evening, Google announced the much awaited successor to the Google Pixel, the aptly named Google Pixel 2. The company also launched a larger version called the Pixel 2 XL. Google’s line of high end smartphones were introduced in October 2016, with the first Pixel handset. Prior to that, the Nexus line of tablets and smartphones symboled Google’s own hardware line. The event At the event on Wednesday evening, Google […]

Essential Phone, now works on Verizon in the US

Andy Ruben, the famed father of Android launched his debut phone for pre-orders back in August. The phone, which is only available in the United States for now was launched with support only for the Spring network when the phone hit pre-order stage back in August. Now, as of today the phone will work on many of the major carriers in the US – including AT&T and T-Mobile. But for […]

Google DeepMind and NHS Controversy

One of the hot topics today are the growing concerns with privacy and security of the general public. Nothing has caught the masses attention more than the Snowdon case, which questioned governments authority across the world in using technology for mass surveillance and having access to personal data. In fact some critics have brought to light that the public trusts private companies, like Facebook and Google -which openly state that […]