Nest accounts now support two-step security

Security on the the internet is becoming more important and surprisingly considering your Nest account has access to camera feeds, smoke alarm settings as well as thermostat the company is quite late to the game in adding two-step authentication to user accounts. But at least they have added it now, this week the Google owned company added the option to enable two-step authentication on accounts, but only via a text […]

Google says there will be a second gen Pixel

Google have confirmed that a new Pixel model sometime this year. Google launched the current model last year in October, so it hasn’t been long but people are already asking about a sequel. In an interview with the Android based tech news website AndroidPIT the senior vice president of hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh said: “There is an annual rhythm in the industry,” Osterloh said. “So, you can count on us to […]

TensorFlow 3

TensorFlow Dev Summit 2017

Google have hosted their first Tensorflow Dev Summit several days ago and they have announced the release of TensorFlow version 1.0. Infact, Tensorflow has become so popular, it is now the number one Deep learning library (API) on Git Hub and has remained so ever since it’s initial release V0.0 in November 2015. So what is all the craze about? TensorFlow is an open source framework for deep learning. Deep learning technology […]

Google Pixel now features lift to wake

Google stepped into the phone hardware business with a big step, the Google Pixel phones are the best Android phones you can buy right now and even though they are made by HTC and not Google – Mountain View still has full control over the software. The Pixel phones run pure Android, with no extra carrier and manufacturer garbage software to slow it down and also Google can give the Pixel the […]


Windows zero-day Flash exploited by the same group behind DNC hack

Evidence is mounting up that the Windows Kernel has a severe vulnerability that is already being exploited by hackers. Microsoft claims the bug is now being actively exploited by the Russian hacking group –  ‘Strontium’. BetaNews has explained that the group have also gone under various other names too – widely known as ‘Fancy Bear’. This is the same group previously cited as a ‘Russian state actor’, indicating some kind […]

Google have just fixed two major security issues

It just seems lately that there are so many major security flaws in major mobile operating systems. In the last few weeks Apple patch ed a important flaw in iOS 9 and now Google have patched a security issue in Android which could allow hackers to send a JPEG image, which has been altered through Gmail. Also some apps hosted on Google Play have been containing malware, one of which […]

Apple Music on Android has had 10 million downloads so far

Apple surprised a lot of people last year when it announced that Apple Music would be coming to the Android platform. The Android version was release to Google Play in November 2015, now approaching the one year mark when the app was released iDownloadBlog have uncovered from Google Play meta data how many times the app has been downloaded. According to Google Play, Apple Music for Android has been downloaded around 10 […]

Chrome for Windows receives update, adds Material Design and battery enhancements

All you need to know is that Chrome is about to get better, about to be kinder to your battery and will look much better. But read on for more details on these changes. In essence Chrome is basically going to look better and won’t drain your battery as much on Windows laptops, this comes timely after Microsoft has been publicly shaming Google’s web browser as one of the main […]

Deal: Lenovo N22 11-inch Chromebook is now £99.99

A Chromebook is mostly a good alternative to a Mac or Windows laptop for many people. Maybe not a few years ago but in recent software improvements from Google and hardware additions from the vendors the platform has grown into laptops, all-in-one machines and small tower computers running Chrome OS. While the Chromebook is slated for being underpowered or not up to day to day tasks many reviewers of major websites have high praises […]

Google will start blocking Flash from Chrome soon

It’s pretty well known by now that Adobe’s Flash player isn’t secure to be using, yet a lot of major websites still insist on using the crippled technology. This latest move from Google should help steer the last remains few sites into using the much faster, secure and less resource heavy HTML5 Video. This year Google will be blanket blocking the Flash plugin from Chrome – mainly the kind which loads elements […]