Netflix on Android can now be charged to Google Play

Similar to how the payments system works on iOS, Google also allows third-party developers to utilise users payment details from their Google Play account to make purchases for subscriptions and various things within the app. Now Netflix is one of the latest apps to use Google Play Billing, Netflix has said that this will be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks. This feature on iOS and Android just makes […]

Verizon is giving users 2GB extra data for trying Android Pay

Verizon has a new deal out with Google and ties in with Android Pay, Google’s competitor to Apple Pay. Verizon may be one of the more pricier carriers in the US, but from time to time they do give out some freebies and this latest one is geared around Android Pay, Verizon will be giving up to 2GB extra on your data plan if you try it out a few times, […]

Android Auto is now available in 18 more countries

As CarPlay is expanding week by week, Google is also focusing on making Android Auto available in more countries and in more cars. Just this week, Google has expanded the in-car-infotainment to 18 more countries. Android Auto is now available these countries and more Austria Brazil Colombia Switzerland India Russia Puerto Rico

Google’s Nik photo editing suite is now completely free

A few year back in 2012, Google acquired Nik Software, the company behind Snapped but Google didn’t just want it for the app, Nik also made a selection of powerful plunge for Photoshop and Apple’s now discontinued Aperture software. Google has now decided to make Color Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro and more completely free to download. The tools used to cost $150 and allow you to easily turn photos […]

Google is offering $100,000 to anyone who can hack a Chromebook

It’s long been known that Chromebooks are very secure for users and so far no one has hacked the system even with some serious incentives from Google in the past. Google has just increased the cash reward to any hacker or anyone willing to try who can “persistently compromise” a Chromebook and the software on it, until a few days ago the offer stood at $50,000 and still unclaimed so […]

Google’s Project Shield DDoS protection is now free for all news sites

Websites everyday, especially news organisations get targeted by hackers other users on the internet with DDoS attacks because they may post or say something that they don’t agree with mainly to do with the nature of the internet and how it works for bloggers and news companies. Project Shield was originally announced back in 2013 and for a time it was only available to organisations who got the invite while […]

Google is abandoning Flash adverts

The battle against Flash is still going strong….no seriously the entire web, well most of it is finally giving up on the ageing and insecure Adobe Flash. The actual start of this move from Flash started back in 2007 when Apple unveiled the very first iPhone and at that time the web heavily relied on the software for basically everything, from inline videos, animations, adverts, online games and a whole […]

Google is shutting down Picasa, focusing instead on Photos

Later this year, Google will finally stop supporting the photo storage app, Picasa but after 12 years it’s usefulness in how we use and edit photos as well as storing them has greatly changed in that time, while on the Mac we used to have iPhoto and now we have Photos the way we use devices has changed. For most people the desktop is no longer the centre of your […]

Back in 2014, Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the default search on iPhone

Just today the news has broke that back in 2014 Google actually paid Apple $1 billion to simply be the default search engine on the iPhone, as well as the iPad. This deal was obviously kept very secret until now but the news came from court transcripts which were aquried by Bloomberg. The question is, if Google hadn’t of paid Apple that money what would be the default search engine on […]

Google Cast is coming to more speakers this year

Google Cast is very much becoming a standard within its own right, setting game to take on the long established AirPlay from Apple. The technology was originally unveiled back in CES 2015 where Google released their technology plans for Google Cast, not only letting you beam video and photos to a Chromecast which is native Android but also having a native system for playing music to wireless speakers in the […]