The next version of Android will be called ‘Android Marshmallow’

Google have now revealed what name the next version of Android will be getting, until now we only knew that the name began with a ‘M’ – hence what Google announced at Google I/O back in June but now Google have annoyed that Android 6.0 ill have the sweet name of Marshmallow. What does Android Marshmallow have for users? Despite having a sweet name, Android 6.0 inlaces a lot of […]

Google Map Maker now available again following shut down

Last week, Google revealed that the Google Map Maker online tool will now be back up and running after some vandalism three months ago where someone put a Android figure urinating on a Apple logo. The re-launch started last week in a number of countries getting access including Bangladesh, Canada, India, the Ukraine and the Philippines. As well as relaunching the service, Google is also making sure that this kind of […]

Alphabet is the new parent company for Google

The original founders of Google have reformed most of the company and also launching a new holding company called “Alphabet.” This week Larry Page, the former CEO of Google announced on the website that he will become the CEO of the new company Alphabet and Sergey Brin will be the President. Google is going to be run by Sundar Pichai who is the former Senior Vice President of Android. […]

Microsoft Translator comes to iOS and Android

Microsoft is ready to take on Google Translate with their own system called Microsoft Translator which is arguably better designed and it also has support for the Apple Watch as well as the Android Wear system. It can also translate words that are spoken into the watch, which is so useful when travelling. Microsoft Translator also has support for over 50 different languages: Arabic, Bosnian (Latin), Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese(S), Chinese(T), […]

Google now testing self-driving cars in Austin, Texas

Google is now testing its self-driving cars in Austin, Texas, in the next phase. Google revealed the plans in a Google+ post recently which basically states that it is very important to test products and software in different environments. The car as first shown to the city mayor of Austin two years back in 2013. Google, from the Google+ blog post We’ve chosen Austin, Texas, as a new testing location […]

New Chromebase from Acer launches

Originally unveiled back in April, the new Chromebase from Acer is now available in two different model types in the US starting at $329. Both models are now available to purchases through major retailers in the United States. There are two different models available one with a touch screen for $429 and one without for $329. Both models have identical specs, apart from the touch screen, with a 21.5-inch 1080p display, NVIDIA […]

Google is looking to improve laptop battery life while using Chrome

Google Chrome has always been a problem for laptop battery life, especially on Macs, but the latest version of Chrome is aiming to do combat this. Recently, Google has worked with Adobe to improve the battery drain issues caused by Flash. The most recent update of Chrome has a new feature that can pause Flash content that isn’t being used. The new feature can “intelligently pause content” that isn’t important […]

Android Pay launches at I/O 2015

Currently going on is Google’s annual I/O developer conference and it has announced Android Pay. Following Apple’s move back in September last year with Apple Pay, Google has launched a similarly name service called Android Pay. Google has been in this space for a while now with Google Wallet but it was getting a bit long in the tooth and no one really used it much, as it had poor integration […]

‎Google‬’s Project Fi mobile network launches

Google is making strides in the mobile network efforts with the new Project Fi. Project Fi is a MVNO and it makes to be a better price for a better service. Project Fi has been rumoured for a while and it is combined of the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, but Google is making sure that it offers a high quality service, but Project Fi is limited to the Nexus 6. The […]

Latest Android Wear update makes it more like Apple Watch

Launched before the Apple Watch, Android Wear wasn’t adopted at the rate as the latest offering from Cupertino, but this week Google has released and update for the platform which brings Android Wear closer to the Apple Watch. A number of changes are brought with the update such as WiFi support, new hand gestures and something which sounds familiar to Apple’s Digital Touch; hand-drawn emoji. The hand-drawn emoji feature came […]