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Eero’s routers and mesh system now supports Apple HomeKit

At Apple’s WWDC last year, it announced a few additions to HomeKit, one was HomeKit Secure Video which utilises the power of the HomePod or Apple TV to analyse footage and stores videos in iCloud. This week, Netatmo announced support for this. The other, was HomeKit support for home routers which will automatically configure the firewall to help isolate smart home devices from your main LAN. This isn’t a new […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi Dream Machine Pro

Ubiquiti has been on a roll for new products so far this year, right at the start of the year the AmpliFi Alien Mesh kit was launched, then at the end of January the new LTU PtMP platform was released, then the UniFi Smart Plug and then a new mount for the NanoStation AC Loco and NanoBeam AC. In February already, a major update to airOS 8 for airMAX AC […]

Blog: Would you use Ubiquiti in a new build?

If you’re building a new house, like the good folks over at the Automated Home blog are, then you might want to take the opportunity to install a new first class enterprise level home network, with roaming WiFi, security features, guest SSIDs and more. We’ve covered the Ubiquiti UniFi product line on this website before, check out our buyers guide for 2019 here but the guys at Automated Home are building […]

Google Nest WiFi now available

Google has now made its Google Nest Wi-Fi mesh system available and it starts at $169 in the US or £149 in the UK. The previous version, Google Wi-Fi was one of most popular systems on the market when it was launched but the new version from Nest has built-in speakers and microphones which gives access to the Google Assistant. The Nest WiFi is $169/£149 for one single router, the […]

Google Home Max speaker goes on sale this week

Google has been busy this year developing a whole new range of smart speakers with the Google Assistant built in, the Google Home Mini has been out for a few months now and has mostly likely been picked out for a few gifts this year and the standard Google Home which has been out for more than a year. But one speaker which was announced at Google’s event back in […]

EE launch new ‘4GEE Router’ for the home, with some serious prices

This week, EE has launched a new 4G router designed for the home environment – perhaps best suited to areas where people can’t get a reliable connection via a fixed copper or fibre broadband connection. The 4GEE Router is the first product fro the company which allows you to use wired devices, directly into the 4G connection. The router is compatible with the network’s 4GEE+ faster speeds. 4G The new […]

Deal: Get 45% off this Asus dual band AC router

This router from Asus is perfect for small homes and offices, it provides 802.11ac wireless coverage, along with a built in server for file and printing sharing. On Amazon, the RT-AC66U is usually £165 but with a deal, it’s £89.99 [amazon_link asins=’B008ABOJKS’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’alantosteadan-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’8a8b836c-835f-11e7-bdd2-1f3bfe099b98′]

5Gbps over current networking cables has been approved

In terms of transfer speeds over wireless and over wires, we’ve come such a long way – to the stage now where WiFi is actually capable of more bandwidth than existing ethernet cables, but not for much longer as the IEEE has approved a new Ethernet standard which allows for 2.5Gbps over existing Cat 5e cables, or how it is officially known IEEE 802.3bz-2016. Also IEEE 802.3bz-2016 5GBASE-T allows 5Gbps […]

What is DNS?

In our latest ‘What is?’ article, we’re going to explore exactly what the Domain Name System or DNS actually is and also what it does as to even get to this website it involved the use of a DNS server. What is DNS? DNS effectively is a server or internet service which translates domain names into IP addresses. Behind the scenes the internet operates using IP addresses as if routers, computers, […]

802.11ac Wave 2 is now available for some routers

WiFi is something we all rely on and even though in the real world using ethernet cables in the home is much faster, this isn’t always practical and with smartphones and tablets – impossible. So this is why managing your home network and your wireless side important as interference, crowded channels and old routers using out of date wireless protocols can be your bottleneck for speed. 802.11ac debuted around 3 […]