Internet of Things

Blog: Would you use Ubiquiti in a new build?

If you’re building a new house, like the good folks over at the Automated Home blog are, then you might want to take the opportunity to install a new first class enterprise level home network, with roaming WiFi, security features, guest SSIDs and more. We’ve covered the Ubiquiti UniFi product line on this website before, check out our buyers guide for 2019 here but the guys at Automated Home are building […]

Amazon Echo to go on sale in Australia and New Zealand next month

Starting in February, Amazon will start offering the Amazon Echo product line as well as Amazon Music Unlimited to its customers who live in Australia and New Zealand. This original news first came out around the end of 2017, that Amazon would be planning to expand the Echo and its music streaming service to 28 more countries. Just today, Amazon revealed that starting on February 1st – customers in Australia […]

Google Home Max speaker goes on sale this week

Google has been busy this year developing a whole new range of smart speakers with the Google Assistant built in, the Google Home Mini has been out for a few months now and has mostly likely been picked out for a few gifts this year and the standard Google Home which has been out for more than a year. But one speaker which was announced at Google’s event back in […]

Amazon Echo devices now support multi-room audio

The Amazon Echo range of smart speakers has been out for a while now, and also it’s no longer just the cylinder speaker, the Echo Dot is a device that connects to wifi and plugs straight into an existing speaker system. Music. Every. Room. For ages, the Echo ecosystem has never support multi-room audio, something Apple pioneered with AirPlay not long ago and in recent years, Sonos has somewhat taken […]

Google Home can now respond to multiple users

Google’s in home voice assistant was kind of late to the game, Amazon’s Echo speaker was certainly one of the first and is still the most socially known and most popular, but Google isn’t wasting any time to add new features, using it’s extensive background in AI to boost it along. One large downfall of the Amazon Echo is it can’t support multiple accounts, meaning as a family orientated device it […]

Amazon unveils two new Echo speakers

The Amazon Echo is still only available in the US, but the device certainly does a lot. Released last year it was an interesting development for the company as it is a bluetooth speaker as well as a voice controlled smart assistant but the main point of a bluetooth speaker is that it should be able to be taken places such as in the garden and the beach but the […]

New Fibit Alta aims at the fashion market

Fitbit seem to be on roll lately, it seems that in the middle of last year that was a downturn for the company when the Apple Watch was unveiled but from personal experience a lot of people seem to have got Fitbit trackers over the holiday period, this is defiantly to do with the entry price point as even considering the Apple Watch with the sport model will be £300 […]

Amazon Echo now tells you movie times and NFL scores

While the Amazon Echo isn’t even available in the UK yet (come on Amazon!) the device does keep receiving updates to make tit much more useful for users, with the latest software update the Amazon Echo can now tell what time certain movies are showing around you and what cinemas its in, the command needed is: “Alexa, what comedy films are on near me?” or “Alexa, when is Spectre showing? As well […]

Nest will be making a camera, similar to Dropcam

The product line from Dropcam has been looking a bit quiet for a while now after Nest bought the company, but now Nest is looking into making its own home camera system.  This week Droid-Life has shared news on to what the company may be working on, named ‘Nest Cam’ – The camera looks very similar to any of the cameras which has been made by Dropcam in the past. Nest is […]

Nest Thermostat got confused by British Summer Time

Over the weekend, a lot of Nest users realised that their thermostats didn’t adjust the time so users were left with a cold house come Sunday morning. The actual clock on the Nest had changed, but the heating schedules people had set never moved. While this was a bug that was in device – But after all it is the ‘Smart’ Learning Thermostat.