Bang & Olufsen is working on audio gear that is ‘Xbox approved’

A few days ago, high end audio company, Bang & Olufsen announced that it is partnering with Xbox to bring new audio products which will be part of the “Designed for Xbox” specification. Other companies have this type of approval process, Apple is famous for it but this one for the Xbox is a little less well known. Bang & Olufsen hasn’t said yet what it’ll be making, be it speakers […]

Minecraft hits 200 million lifetime sales

This week, Minecraft hit 200 million sales of the game in the 11 years it has been out. It was introduced back in 2009. Microsoft has said that 126 million people play Minecraft every month and in the last month, there has been a 25 percent increase in new players, which can be attributed to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic currently. Microsoft acquired the developer of Minecraft, Mojang back in 2014 […]

Microsoft now dampens “reply all” storms in Office 365

Those email storms when everyone is hitting “reply all” can get annoying, especially in large companies and Microsoft is aiming to do something about it. A new feature for Office 365 is rolling out soon to help block and discourage users from hitting “reply all” to massive email threads. The feature is going to be more useful for large companies first and then rolling out to smaller ones later on. […]

Microsoft Office apps on iPad will soon get trackpad support

According to The Verge and TechCrunch who both had reports today, Microsoft will soon add trackpad support to its suite of Office apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Support is due to come this autumn. This news comes shortly after Apple updated iPadOS recently with native support for trackpads and mice, with iOS 13.4 and then even more recently, the new Magic Keyboard case for iPad Pro. via: The Verge

Microsoft is testing multi-window support for Office on iPadOS

The iPad has had multi-window support for a couple of years now, since iOS 9 and as time goes on more and more apps are being updated to support split screen support, with multi-windows for each application the support came with iPadOS 13. Safari has had this support for a while too, and now Microsoft is testing support for iPadOS so users can open up multiple Word documents and PowerPoint […]

Microsoft launches Forza Street for iOS and iPadOS today

Today, Microsoft has launched Forza Street for iOS, iPadOS and Android. The game has been on Windows 10 for a little while already and it is a stripped down version of the full on Forza games for Xbox and Windows 10. Microsoft describes Forza Street is designed for “quick, under-a-minute races.” Forza Street, like many mobile games is free-to-play and has in app purchases. “Forza Street was also designed to […]

Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular web browser

Who knew Microsoft could have a second shot at the browser wars, back in the early noughties, Microsoft was kind of the browsers with Internet Explorer but as soon as Google Chrome came along, Google quickly took over. With Windows 10, Microsoft also shipped Edge a new browser at the time and until recently, when the web engine was moved to Chromium it wasn’t massively popular. Bleeping Computer recently reported that Edge […]

Microsoft has seen a 775% increase in cloud demand – now has capped Teams usage

In the past week, the usage of Microsoft Teams has grew substantially, as well as a lot of Microsoft’s cloud products and services, the usage has grown so much that Microsoft has had to limit the usage of Teams for the users who don’t pay. Microsoft has seen much more usage of Power BI, Windows Virtual Desktop and of course Microsoft Teams. “In response to health authorities emphasizing the importance […]

Some future updates to Windows 10 have been seen in a promo video

Last week, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 is now installed on over one billion devices and as part of the celebration, Panos Panay who is the chief product officer at Microsoft, shared a video on Instagram and as the video shows of sections of the Windows 10 UI, it becomes clear certain elements change to reveal what could be a redesigned interface for Windows 10, or rather a refresh. Video […]

Microsoft has seen a huge surge Teams user activity, due to a lot of people working from home

Due to the ongoing issues caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of people worldwide have had to work from home, and that has naturally put a strain on some cloud based platforms, as everyone is now remote working and communication with staff and employees now happens over video chat and chat messages. Microsoft has had its Teams application available for around three years now as part of the […]