Windows 10 is now installed on over one billion devices, world wide

Windows 10 was introduced nearly five years ago, the five year anniversary will be this July and Microsoft has now achieved what it set out to do originally. Get Windows 10 installed on a lot of devices. Windows 10 is now installed on over one billion devices, world wide. Windows 10 is on everything from games consoles, laptops, tablets to desktop PCs in homes, businesses and schools. Microsoft has also hinted […]

An emergency patch for Windows 10 has been released

Today, Microsoft has had to issue an unexpected and unscheduled patch for Windows 10, in a rare emergency situation. A security bug found in Windows 10 was leaked a few days ago and due to this and the fact that the bug was marked as ‘critical’ – Microsoft has had to issue an emergency software update. The new KB4551762 update is out now and it is highly recommended to update. […]

Microsoft has a new Azure based print service in preview

Microsoft is working on a new Azure based print service to replace the built in Windows Server print service at some stage, and as the name suggests it is cloud based in Azure. This week, Microsoft has released the preview, not publicly however but if you register you’ll have access. Universal Print Service, as Microsoft marketing it as requires printers which are compatible with Universal Print, but these printers don’t […]

New Chromium version of Microsoft Edge now runs on ARM PCs

Microsoft has been working on a new version of the Edge browser for a while now, it was launched for standard Windows 10 in early January and the new version is based on Chromium, the same browser engine that powers Google Chrome, hence the name. The Chromium version of Edge actually works on Mac too. The news now is that the new version of Edge now works on the Surface […]

NHS still has a lot of computers still running Windows 7

The expiry of Windows 7 earlier has claimed a few victims, even though there was a considerable amount of time for warning from Microsoft. Earlier in January the German government failed to upgrade 33,000 machines from Windows 7 and has since had to pay out over $800,000 in fees to Microsoft. The NHS has now failed to upgrade nearly half a million computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10, even […]

It wasn’t just you, Windows 10 search was down for some of today

It wasn’t just you earlier today, the built in search in Windows 10 was not working for some of the day, due to an outage on some Microsoft services. Microsoft said that earlier there was an issue “with multiple Microsoft 365 services.” with one of them being Bing. It seems odd that the entire search system depends on the functionality of Bing, even for local searches and that if the […]

Microsoft Teams was down earlier, due to a certificate issue

Earlier today, Microsoft Teams wad down for a couple of hours and while it caused some disruption for users, the actual reason behind the issue was more interesting – especially as it is coming from such a large company. According to the 365 Status Twitter account, the SSL certificate had expired for allowing the Teams app to talk to Microsoft servers. We've determined that an authentication certificate has expired causing, […]

Microsoft launches Xbox bug bounty program

Most tech companies have a bug bounty program as a way to get vulnerabilities and security holes found and reported to Microsoft for them to fix. Most bugs reported have a reward for reporting it and Microsoft today is launching a bug bounty program for the Xbox platform with payouts from $500 to $20,000 depending on the severity. Microsoft has had a bug bounty program for bugs and vulnerabilities on […]

German government is still using Windows 7, now has to pay Microsoft for extended support

Microsoft dropped support for Windows 7 earlier this month on January 14th, and it may a pain for consumers to upgrade, even though users should have upgraded during the time Microsoft was making the upgrade free of charge to Windows 10. It is a lot more time consuming for enterprise environments to handle the upgrades to a new operating system. Microsoft dropped the news that Windows 7 would become end […]

Windows 7 is now no longer officially supported by Microsoft

That’s it, times up – no ifs, not buts – Windows 7, it’s over. Today is the day, Microsoft has now dropped support for Windows 7. Users still using the over ten year old operating system will now no longer get any software or security updates. We reported back in December that Microsoft would be ending support for Windows 7 today and that at the time, 17% of business in the […]