Beam is Microsoft’s new streaming service for Xbox One

News from Alex and Ed Gaming For users part of the Xbox Insider Program, you should have access to the new Beam app on the Xbox One. Microsoft acquired Beam last summer in August. It was originally a competitor to Twitch and no details of the acquisition were ever published. But now Microsoft is putting it to good use and baking Beam into the Xbox One and hopeful into Windows 10 […]

The Forza franchise from Microsoft has hit $1 billion in sales

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Microsoft’s Forza franchise has been going for 12 years now and has hit a major milestone, in those years it has generated $1 billon in total sales. Forza isnt the first game of Microsoft’s to reach $1 billon – Age of Empires, Halo, Minecraft and Gears of War all reached this level in the past. So the first Forza game was launched alongside the Xbox […]

NHS still using Windows XP, support ended 18 months ago

In a report today from Citrix, nine in ten NHS trusts are still using Windows XP, the operating system was launched back in 2001 and official, extended support from Microsoft ended in April 2014. Citrix released this official information this morning, and it’s actually based on a Freedom of Information request. Citrix contacted 63 NHS trusts, 43 responded and 90 percent of which confirmed they still use Windows XP. Most […]


Windows zero-day Flash exploited by the same group behind DNC hack

Evidence is mounting up that the Windows Kernel has a severe vulnerability that is already being exploited by hackers. Microsoft claims the bug is now being actively exploited by the Russian hacking group –  ‘Strontium’. BetaNews has explained that the group have also gone under various other names too – widely known as ‘Fancy Bear’. This is the same group previously cited as a ‘Russian state actor’, indicating some kind […]

Microsoft unveils iMac rival – the Surface Studio

Earlier today at it’s Windows 10 Creator Event Microsoft showed off it’s new iMac rival, a huge all in one edge to edge Windows PC running Windows 10. The new Surface Studio is a 28-inch touchscreen with PixelSense technology. The new device is perfect timing as Apple has an event for the 27th October and is expected to unveil new MacBooks and possibly new iMacs. What is the Surface Studio? […]

Microsoft announces Windows 10 Insider build 14926

It’s been quite a while since Microsoft has released a Insider beta build for Windows 10 and just yesterday build 14926 was made available for PC and mobile. Whats new? Microsoft Edge, the Internet Explorer replacement now features a “snooze” function. Microsoft say that users keep tabs open acting as a reminder to do something later on, a new feature allows Cortana to remind you to look at a website […]

What to do if you haven’t got the Windows 10 Anniversary Update yet

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update came out about a month ago now, but some users may not have received it yet and it may need to be manually downloaded from Microsoft directly. The Anniversary Update came out around 1 year after Windows 10 was launched on July 29th 2015, it doesn’t add many big features – instead works to refine the experience. We wrote an article containing the new features. Read […]

Microsoft takes on the iPad Pro in new ad

To be fair to Microsoft, they did start the hybrid PC revolution back in the early days of Windows 8 and the original Surface, now on it’s forth incarnation Microsoft is back with another advert to bash the iPad. Microsoft has run many adverts mocking Apple’s products, namely the MacBook Air and iPad as well as the iPhone when the Lumia range is being advertised. Microsoft’s advert compares the iPad Pro […]

Windows 10 Anniversary update is now out

Windows 10 has been with us for just over a year now and to celebrate this Microsoft has launched a new Anniversary update and it is available, hosting a bevy of new features which whilst not ground breaking add much needed touches of refinement to the operating system. A lot of the features included with the Anniversary update have been included in the Insider Preview since December. So, what’s new? With […]

Microsoft announces Skype Meetings, a free tool for SMBs

Microsoft today has unveiled a new free tool for small businesses, it’s basically a light version of Skype Business and allows users to video chat with up to 10 people for the first 60 days of using it and then only 3 thereafter, if you need more people Microsoft is basically saying purchase Office 365 which has Skype Business included. This new tool dubbed Skype Meetings is free for small […]