Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is now available in Europe

Last year, late in the Autumm Nest launched its outdoor version of the Nest Cam IQ but only in the US, the Nest Cam IQ is s the company’s high end connected camera with facial recognition and built in 4K sensor but it has taken a a while to make it over the pond here to the UK and rest of Europe so today Nest has finally launched the new outdoor […]

Nest Secure can now be controlled with Google Assistant

Nest and Google have been attached for a few years now, while Nest has lived solo of Googles tie-ins since Google bought Nest, Google is now slowly integrating the Google Assistant into most of the products the company makes, in the last month or so the Nest IQ cam was updated to support Google Assistant and now, in the US at least the Nest Secure security system can now be […]

Nest accounts now support two-step security

Security on the the internet is becoming more important and surprisingly considering your Nest account has access to camera feeds, smoke alarm settings as well as thermostat the company is quite late to the game in adding two-step authentication to user accounts. But at least they have added it now, this week the Google owned company added the option to enable two-step authentication on accounts, but only via a text […]

Nest launches new outdoor security camera

Over the last few months the whole company structure at Nest has had mix up and as the CEO and founder Tony Fadell stepped down not so long ago there is quite a few people concerned as to what the Nest is going to do next with its product line up. Earlier today we sort of know, it isn’t anything new or different to what the company currently offers but […]

Nest moves into home security, with Nest Cam

Last week we reported that Droid-Life leaked further detail on to what Nest may be working on. Now Nest at its press event showed of the Nest Cam. Heavily based on what Dropcam had be making the Nest Cam is the company’s first move into home security. In many ways the Nest Cam is very similar to the past offerings from Dropcam with the ability to record video and store it in […]

Nest will be making a camera, similar to Dropcam

The product line from Dropcam has been looking a bit quiet for a while now after Nest bought the company, but now Nest is looking into making its own home camera system.  This week Droid-Life has shared news on to what the company may be working on, named ‘Nest Cam’ – The camera looks very similar to any of the cameras which has been made by Dropcam in the past. Nest is […]

Nest Thermostat got confused by British Summer Time

Over the weekend, a lot of Nest users realised that their thermostats didn’t adjust the time so users were left with a cold house come Sunday morning. The actual clock on the Nest had changed, but the heating schedules people had set never moved. While this was a bug that was in device – But after all it is the ‘Smart’ Learning Thermostat.