New Netflix shuffle mode rolling out to users

Netflix is rolling out a new mode for its service called “Shuffle Play” which will allow users to just stick Netflix on shuffle and it’ll randomly play TV shows or movies that are recommended for that user, using the personalisation algorithms. The company announced the new feature yesterday during its s Q4 2020 earnings. Netflix said during the earnings call that the new feature would allow “members the ability to […]

Netflix is raising prices in the US

Earlier this month, Netflix raised the prices in Canada by a couple of dollars on each plan apart from the standard plan and now last week, the prices in the US have also ben increased. The standard plan in the US is $1 more, from $13 to $14 per month and the premium plan is now $18 from $16 per month. Like in Canada, the basic plan has remained the […]

Netflix will be raising prices in Canada in a few weeks

Netflix is planning on raising prices in Canada in the next few weeks, but the new prices will be immediately available if someone signs up today for example, but will be rolling out to current subscribers in the next couple of weeks. The standard HD plan which supports two screens is going up by $1 from $14CAD to $15CAD. The pricer 4K plan, which allows four screens is going up […]