Apple has now reopened of its stores in the US

In the US, Apple has 270 physical retail stores and as of Monday this week, that have all reopened up again, following on from when Apple, along with other retailers started closing stores temporarily back in March 2020. Throughout the pandemic in the US all of Apple’s stores have been opening and reopening on a regular basis. However this isn’t a sign that everything is back to normal, Apple is […]

Aston Martin sales were down by 32% in 2020

Aston Martin struggled for sales during 2020, like every car business the result of the pandemic meant less people were and are going out and with some people losing jobs, the desire to spend money has reduced too. The company sold a total of 4,150 cars in 2020, which is 32% less than it achieved in 2019. The company also lost money too, with annual revenue dropping from £980.5m year […]

What is Ubiquiti UISP?

In the Ubiquiti world of products, the devices it offers fall under two categories, Enterprise and ISP/MSP use cases. UniFi deals with the enterprise side, all the range of products be it UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Talk, UniFi LED and and UniFi Access – they all have a centralised screen uses to manage the devices. The other devices such as sunMAX, EdgeMAX, airMAX, airFiber, uFiber and LTU are all […]

iOS 14 is now installed on 86% of devices that were launched in the past four years

From time to time, Apple provides information to developers about what percentage of devices in a given time frame are running what operating system. In recent years, the rate at which a new operating system has been adopted is simply staggering, even more so with iOS 14 which introduced home screen widgets which allowed users to customise the look and feel as well as icons on the phone. Last week […]

Ubiquiti previews the UNVR-Pro on its website

When Ubiquiti launched UniFi Protect with the UniFi Cloud Key Gen2+ as the only offering for video storage, some users were concerned that they weren’t catering to the more larger installs, where with the previous UniFi Video platform offered self installation on larger servers. UniFi Protect doesn’t allow self installation at this stage and over the past year, Ubiquiti has been adding some good options with the UDM-Pro and UNVR. […]

Ubiquiti GigaBeam vs UniFi Building Bridge

Ubiquiti has two very similar options for short range PtP (Point-to-Point) on the 60GHz spectrum, with the airMAX GigaBeam and the UniFi Building Bridge (UBB). Both are basically identical in performance, but they are aimed at different audiences and devices run on 60GHz, with a 5GHz backup which can failover in case of bad weather or temporary obstructions. Both devices are rated for 500 metres of range with up to […]

Volkswagen launches new GTI Clubsport 45 anniversary edition

This week, Volkswagen has introduced a new 45 year anniversary edition of the Golf 8 GTI. The company has been releasing a special anniversary GTI every five years since 1996, when Volkswagen launched the 20 year edition. This time with the GTI Clubsport 45, Volkswagen has added a large black rear spoiler, black roof as well as specific black and red alloy wheels. The GTI Clubsport 45 will go on […]

macOS is no longer the world’s second most popular desktop OS

For a long time, the top two desktop operating systems in the world have been Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. However despite a very popular and well received launch of the new range of M1 Macs last year, Apple’s place has now been relegated to third place now sitting behind Google Chrome OS, which powers Chomebooks and Chromeboxes. Windows is still way out in front, at 80.5% market share worldwide, […]

Volkswagen’s new Tiguan R with 316bhp now on sale

Volkswagen’s new Tiguan R is now on sale starting this week, with prices starting at £45,915. The Tiguan R was announced at the tail end of 2020 and was left with a date of release for 2021 and now it is on sale in the UK. The Tiguan R now joins the Golf R, Touareg R and Arteon R in the company’s ever increasing performance arm line of products. The Tiguan […]

Gran Turismo 7 is delayed until 2022

Sony has said that the next instalment of Gran Turismo wont be coming back this year, as originally planned. Due to delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gran Turismo 7 will be coming in 2022 instead. Sony said that the production of the game offered some challenging situations, like the movie industry has. “GT7 has been impacted by COVID-related production challenges and therefore will shift from 2021 to 2022. With […]