Ubiquiti announces new 6U Toolless Mini Rack

Ubiquiti has this week, announced a new Toolless Mini Rack designed for use with UniFi rack mounted equipment, such as the UDM Pro, PoE switches and more. The product has been on the beta store for a number of many months and has finally been made generally available. Ubiquiti calls it a heavy duty rack, that doesn’t need any tools to assemble. It also features a 24 port patch panel […]

Custom iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86k on eBay

Late last week, a robotics student by the name of Ken Pillionel had modified an iPhone X to have a USB-C port rather than the standard Lightning port Apple ships. It has been listed on eBay and has now been sold for $86,001 on eBay. The video from Ken is below where he explains how he made the “the world’s first USB-C iPhone.” The winning bider will get the 64GB […]

Sainsbury’s is currently testing a cashier-less shopping experience

Sainsbury’s is reported to be currently testing the same cashier-less technology Amazon is using in its stores, those stores have made headlines in recent years. The system Amazon uses is called ‘Just Walk Out’ and it allows shoppers to walk in, scan your phone and walk around, do your shopping as normal and then walk out. Bloomberg first reported this and their sources say that the Sainsbury’s in Holborn, London […]

Apple releases watchOS 8.1.1 to fix charging issues on Series 7

This week, alongside a minor iOS release for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, Apple has also released watchOS 8.1.1 specifically for the Apple Watch Series 7. Users have been reporting that the watch doesn’t charge and some reported that it also charges slowly. watchOS 8.1.1 addresses the charging issue and it can be downloaded now by going to the Apple Watch app on iPhone, then General > Software Update.

Apple releases iOS 15.1.1 for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Apple has this week released iOS 15.1.1 for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 only. Being for those two models only, it is a minor release but an important one nonetheless. Apple says this release improves call drop performance, as a lot of users have seen issues with dropped calls recently. It can be updated by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

New Volkswagen Polo GTI on sale now in UK

Volkswagen has today put the new Polo GTI on sale in the UK, with races starting at £26,430. It is based on the latest Polo which went on sale in September, VW announced the new Polo GTI in June. VW has done away with the two models here, GTI and GTI+, instead having one standard model which is based on the Life trim level for included equipment. The engine in […]

Ubiquiti announces the new U6 Pro, on sale now

Ubiquiti has today revealed the new UniFi U6 Pro, its third UniFi access point to date that supports 802.11ax, or WiFi 6. Ubiquti launched the U6 Lite and U6 LR earlier this year but this new model takes it up a notch, with support for 160MHz channels, 4×4 MIMO and more. The U6 Pro is capable of 5.3 Gbps, according to Ubiquiti and has 4×4 MIMO on 5GHz and 2×2 […]

Apple Music app now available for LG smart TVs

The official Apple Music app has been released today for users with a LG smart TV, with a roll out starting today. The app works just like it does on the Apple TV, with support for playlists, radio stations, and music videos and all the 90 million songs Apple has. The app supports a lot of the service’s special features such as synced realtime lyrics and more. At this current […]

Casper has been sold to a private equity firm

Casper, once the original direct to consumer mattress has been acquired by private equity firm Durational Capital Management. Casper was founded back in 2014, selling to North America to start with, then branching out to the UK a couple of years later. The direct to consumer market really got competitive in the UK once Casper arrived here, it unfortunately got overtaken by companies who advertised much more – such as Emma, […]

Disney+ now has 118.1 million subscribers

Earlier this year in August, we reported that Disney+ had surpassed the 116 million subscriber mark, but now just a couple of months later, the service now has 118.1 million subscribers globally, all of which are paying customers, there’s no free tier with Disney+. The news was announced last week during the company’s Q4 earnings call. Disney has come a long way with its still pretty new streaming service, the […]