Apple Stores in Japan are starting to open again this week

Apple Stores around the world slowly closed down during the peak of the coronavirus and are now, slowly reopening again. In early May, Apple reopened its only store in Austria, a few days later Apple reopened some of its stores in Germany, and a few weeks ago the stores in Italy started to open again. Starting this week, Apple is going to be starting to reopen its stores in Japan. […]

iPhone 12 may not have wired EarPods in the box

According to report from well known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo – the iPhone 12, which is due to be released this year may not have any wired EarPods headphones at all included in the box. It is understood that a lot of people don’t use the include headphones and the abundance of EarPods is generating a lot of unneeded waste. Kuo has said Apple would instead promote the AirPods and […]

Netflix will now remind customers they are paying, if accounts haven’t been used in a while

You would assume that if someone hasn’t been using Netflix for a while, they would think to cancel it or start using it again but the reality is we all forget to cancel subscriptions and let things run over. You’d also assume that Netflix wouldn’t care if you aren’t using its service, long as you are paying them but Netflix does care, this week Netflix will start notifying customers who […]

Logitech launches new camera, with only support for HomeKit

From the outside a least, it seems Logitech and Apple have a good relationship for new products, with the iPad 6th generation in 2018, Apple added Apple Pencil support and at the same time, Logitech launched the Crayon which worked with the new iPad and the same thing for various keyboard covers and cases for new iPads over the years. The next one is the new Circle View Camera from […]

AirPods Pro models are starting to be assembled in Vietnam

Today, in a report from MacRumors they published today, Apple has started to assemble the AirPods Pro in Vietnam and it seems this is a shift from China to Vietnam and it is unclear if AirPods Pro are still being assembled in China. Apple has been looking to use other suppliers for about a year now, to not have to rely on just China for production. Tweet from @alixrezax Apple is […]

Google Fi now supports eSIM for current iOS users in the US

Google Fi in the US has supported the iPhone for a while now and now this week, Google is starting to allow current iPhone subscribers to use eSIM on newer iPhone models on its mobile network. From April onwards, new customers to Google Fi using an iPhone could use eSIM but now existing customers can now too. eSIM works on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone […]

The UK is looking at making e-scooters legal for use on public roads

E-scooters have become increasingly more and more popular lately, they have been legal in the USA for a long time but here in the UK, due to a law from 1835 which limited hoverboards on pavements, e-scooters have been banned. Now, due the push to reopen the world and get businesses open again, the UK government is looking to support different methods of transport, with e-scooters considered an alternative to […]

Apple releases iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 with support for the the Exposure Notification API

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 with support for the Exposure Notification API as well as other improvements. iOS 13.5 has been in beta for a while and brings features and improvements to help users deal with the coronavirus issues a bit better. Exposure Notification API iOS 13.5 brings support for the Exposure Notification API which has been co-developed between Apple and Google and this will apps better […]

Hive’s smart home devices now support HomeKit

Hive which is a UK based company and part of British Gas, has been making its own smart home devices for a few years now and thanks to marketing from British Gas, it is popular here in the UK, it makes thermostats, plugs and lights, but until now Hive has not supported HomeKit. A lot of devices on the market support HomeKit now and finally, Hive does now too. However, […]