Some new Teslas are shipping with no USB ports

It has been recently reported, that some new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars that are being delivered are arriving without any USB-C ports in the centre console or in the back seats. Tesla has said the cause is the ongoing chip shortages and it will be rectifying the issue in December, that is if the company can get the necessary parts. With this issue, some customers were notified […]

Amazon launches a Prime Video app for macOS

Amazon has today launched a new app on the Mac App Store. Prime Video is now available to download, free of charge and it works on Intel machines as well as M1, with full support for offline viewing too, just like its iOS and iPadOS counterparts. Many of the iOS features are supported, such as Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay as well as in app purchases for rentals and other items. The […]

Starlink has a new rectangular dish for its satellite broadband service

SpaceX the week has revealed a new dish for its Starlink satellite broadband service. Up until now, the company has been using the circular dish, but the new one should be easier and cheaper to manufacture, it’s also lighter and smaller than the outing one. The old circle one is 23-inches wide, whereas the rectangular model is only 12-inches wide, as well as being around half the weight too. One […]

Spotify will now let you block other users

Spotify has made a welcome change this week to its service, users can now block other users. But what does this mean, because Spotify isn’t really a social media network, so why would you need to block someone else? However, when you block someone it means they won’t be able to see your listening history or playlists. This isn’t the first time the feature has been available, users have long […]

Tim Cook tells users who want to sideload apps to use Android

Last week, Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi spoke about his and Apple’s views on privacy and sideloading on the iPhone at the Web Summit conference, saying that allowing sideloading on iPhone would be “a criminals best friend.” Apple CEO Tim Cook has followed up on this to cement this saying that with iPhone, Apple focuses on users security and privacy. Cook said that allowing sideloading on iPhone was not […]

Hyundai announces the Casper, a tiny SUV for South Korea

Hyundai has recently announced the new Casper, a tiny little SUV which won’t be coming to Europe. Hyundai calls it a cross between a city car and a crossover and will go on sale in South Korea soon. Due to its size, the Casper is likely to use the same platform as the i10, the other small car the company makes. When it does go on sale, it’ll have two […]

New Vauxhall Astra now on sale in the UK

Vauxhall has announced that the new Astra hatchback is now on sale in the UK, with prices starting at £23,275. The new Astra is also the first Vauxhall model on sale, to offer the new range of trim levels from the company. The new trim levels are Design, GS Line and Ultimate, with a wide array of high end included equipment and optional extras. Astra Design has 16-inch alloy wheels, LED […]

YouTube is going to stop showing dislike counts on all videos

YouTube is going to start hiding the dislike counts on videos by default soon, a decision the company came to after an experiment which was successful, as it happens. Going forward, video creators will be able to see how many dislikes a video got, but not the general viewing public, a move to help combat ongoing dislike campaigns. Dislike campaigns affect new and small creators out there, YouTube said and […]

Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson has joined the Apple board of directors

Apple has today announced that Alex Gorsky, the CEO and chairman of Johnson & Johnson has joined its its board of directors. Gorsky has been working at Johnson & Johnson since 1988, eventually working his way up the chain to become CEO in 2012. He is scheduled to step down as CEO on 3rd January 2022, but will run as executive chairman afterwards. “Alex has long been a visionary in […]

New DS 4 now on sale in the UK

DS has now opened its order books for the new DS 4, its new hatchback. Deliveries are due to start in the early part of 2022, with prices starting off at £25,350. DS has three trim levels available, 4, Performance Line and Cross. The 4 trim level is then watered down again into another set of trim levels, with Bastille+, Trocadero and Rivoli. Bastille+ is £25,350 and comes with LED […]