Tidal is hoping to gain more users, with new features

Tidal is a new music streaming service by Jay-Z, but the launch not long ago didn’t prove successful, so now Tidal is launching masses of new features, apps for Windows and Mac as well as discounts for students. The main idea behind Tidal was to bring high-fidelity music to consumers and making it accessible, but as Tidal is twice the price of Spotify, users need to the value behind it, […]

How to create an account on OS X with parental controls

So you are looking to create an account with Parental Controls on your Mac. If you are concerned what you’re child is looking at on the internet, you can limit them to time, apps and content on the Mac. Parental Controls can also be used to simplify the user interface for less experienced users. First things first, visit the Settings or System Preferences app on your Mac. Then this window should […]

Thunderbolt 3 uses USB Type-C and is ultra fast

Big companies are pushing USB Type-C, Apple has quickly adopted it as the sole port on the new Macbook and Google has followed suit with the Chromebook Pixel, but now Intel has seen the potential as the next generation of Thunderbolt is going to use USB Type-C as the base point for the port. The initial plan with USB Type-C when it was first introduced just under a year ago […]

There will be 7 versions of Windows 10

We now have more detail on to how Microsoft is planning to distribute Windows 10. Like previous versions, there will be multiple editions of the operating system. With Windows 7 we had Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate and Thin PC. Editions of Vista and XP were roughly the same. Windows 8 was cut back a bit with just three versions, but Windows 10 aims to revive the multiple version […]

Windows 10 10130 preview launches, with better icons and UI

Not long after build 10122 debuted, another build of Windows 10 has launched. Build 10130 is available for users who are in the fast ring and as we come up to the release date, Microsoft is focusing on polishing the operating system, making improvements and tweaking certain elements. For starters, Windows 10 now includes refreshed system icons as well as taskbar and Start menu improvements. The Notification Panel now features […]

Android Pay launches at I/O 2015

Currently going on is Google’s annual I/O developer conference and it has announced Android Pay. Following Apple’s move back in September last year with Apple Pay, Google has launched a similarly name service called Android Pay. Google has been in this space for a while now with Google Wallet but it was getting a bit long in the tooth and no one really used it much, as it had poor integration […]

Periscope launches on Android

Two months after being an iOS exclusive, Twitter’s new live streaming service finally launches on Android. Periscope launched back in January following the release of Meerkat, which is a very similar service that uses Twitters login credentials. Both apps are very similar, but the Android counterpart features a new control menu for notifications as well as a “return to broadcast” tab which will display after leaving the app if users […]

Instagram sends photo highlights, by email

Instagram used to be a list for a small collection of friends which adopted the new social network not long ago, but now everyone seems to be using it, so checking in on it is a bit overwhelming, this endless list of photos of people’s coffee, pets and holidays is becoming a bit too much. To bring some users back, Instagram is sending out emails which aim to show you […]

New Music app in Windows 10 feels like Spotify

Windows 10 is just around the corner, with a release set for this summer but a lot of the operating system is still being worked on. The Insider Preview offers eager users to get early access to the beta and the new Music Preview is available in the Preview. Music Preview also uses Microsoft’s “Universal Apps” strategy. Universal Apps such as Mail, Music, News and Calendar on the PC share […]

Windows 10 build 10122 launches

Microsoft has released another build of the Windows 10 preview to insiders. Build 10122 brings some much needed improvements to the Start Menu, enhancements to default apps and UI changes in the Settings app. But mostly the focus of this build is adding polish and to make it more stable. Microsoft has said that upcoming releases of the Windows 10 preview wont feature big features, but mostly fine tuning and […]