Surface 3 will be discontinued this December

Microsoft’s Surface lineup has really rocketed the hybrid and 2-in-1 PC market into the mainstream, although previous marketing stunts such as the one with the NBA havent succeeded quite as well as the Microsoft PR team might have hoped the Surface tablets are still doing well and despite the price they are very competent machines. But now Microsoft is deciding the discontinue the cheaper Surface 3 tablet from the lineup […]

This is a 53 billion pixel image of a Bentley

In a recent promotional stunt and technical exercise by Bentley, the car company created this 53 gigapixel (53 billion pixels) image of the new Bentley Mulsanne, but this looks like just an image of the Golden Gate bridge but if you zoom in far enough you can actually see the car, driver and the stitching on the passenger seat. To create this image, Bentley teamed up with Nasa to use […]

Microsoft has made it easier to activate Windows 10

Since Windows 10 launched last year back in July, it has had it’s fair share of software bugs as it is with most software nowadays, so it is always best to hold of as soon as the software is released in case of any potential bugs. But as Windows 10 has been around for nearly a year now, it seems stable enough to now upgrade to. But now Microsoft is […]

Google announces Android Pay is now available in the UK

Google have announced that Android Pay is now officially available in the UK.  This allows users of Android smartphones to make contactless payments much in a similar way to iPhone users. The UK is the first country besides the US that can currently use this method of contactless payment via a smartphone.  Jimmy McLoughlin, The Institute of Directors lead on the Digital Economy has stated that: ” The arrival of […]

Samsung launches “Captured on Galaxy S7” campaign

Samsung has a long history of following in Apple’s footsteps and the company’s latest advertising campaign comes at no surprise of it’s origins. Earlier this week Samsung launched a new advert called “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7” which shows off some 4K video footage which was filmed on the latest Galaxy S7, an idea which is very similar to Apple’s own “Shot on iPhone” which was released at the time […]

Apple Pay now works at Bank of America ATMs

Apple Pay has been around for nearly two years now, at least in the United States and one most requested addition to the system was the ability to draw cash out using Apple Pay, until now that has been pretty difficult. From today Bank of America is allowing iPhone users to draw cash out of some of their ATMs across the country. The image below from the bank explains it […]

Instagram now has over 500 million users

The popularity of the social media giant Instagram has been growing rapidly ever since it’s inception and also after Facebook acquired the company too. Also in the past Instagram has never shared how many active users it actually has but now due to the circumstances and the milestone that they have achieved, the company has revealed today that it now has over 500 million users signed up and just 300 […]

Shazam background listening is now on Android

Shazam has long had a very useful feature on the iPhone version of it’s app for a long while now and for some reason it never offered the feature to Android users of Shazam. For two and half years now the iPhone version of Shazam has always had a auto listening feature which makes finding out what that song is just a little easier and now after many requests Shazam […]

Google is now offering more money for finding Android bugs

Google has been offering security rewards for finding security bugs  in Android for around a year now and since then the company has paid out more than $550,000 to users for finding major security issues in the Android operating system, until now the average amount of money that Google paid out was $2,200 per reward and then $6,700 per researcher. Now Google is offering people who send in reports more money […]

Sony is recalling a number of Vaio laptops

If you own a Sony Vaio laptop, you should be quite proud as they are very good laptops but now Sony is recalling 1,700 of it’s Vaio laptops which have batteries made by Panasonic as those packs have an overheating issue. Sony actually sold the Vaio company off to Japan Industrial Partners, Inc an the reason that this company isn’t handling the returns as these laptops were sold where Sony […]