Apple honours Muhammad Ali on the Apple homepage

Just over the weekend, Apple updated it’s homepage to honour the late Muhammad Ali who sadly passed away on Friday at age 74. Apple’s homepage has a quote from the boxer saying: “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” In the past Apple has supported `Muhammad Ali during the 90s Think Different adverts. You can see Apple’s homepage tribute at

Microsoft is letting third party devices work with Windows Hello

Currently quite a few Windows laptops have something called Windows Hello built in, a technology which uses the devices cameras and fingerprint sensors to authenticate users into their computers on Windows 10. Since it’s existence Windows Hello has only be available on devices made by Microsoft, now as of this week it is being opened up to third party companies, using the Windows Hello Companion Device Framework. This news is part […]

Deal: Beats By Dre Solo2 now £104.95

Amazon have knocked the price down by around 38% on the Beats Solo2 headphones. This pair are now £104.95 dropped from £169.99. The Beats Solo2s come included with a soft feel travelling case which the headphones fold down into, also with a long rubberised audio cable with a built in remote control and microphone. The Solo2s do come in other colours which are available on the Amazon item listing, but for […]

PayPal discontinues app for Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Earlier this year in February, PayPal updated it’s mobile app to a new version 6.0, however the company is giving out an odd message now, it is saying that come the end of June users on Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon Fire devices who use PayPal will find that on June 30 the app will be discontinued. Joanna Lambet, PayPal VP explained the reasoning in a blog post earlier this […]

Google discontinues the Nexus Player

Google first introduced the Nexus Player back in 2014, when Android TV was still in its infancy. I think it was intended more of a quicker way for consumers to get into the newly introduced platform before TV manufacturers took time to implement it into their TV sets. Fast forward a few years and it seems that the Nexus Player hasn’t been as popular as Google were hoping, as now […]

CarPlay will be coming to BMW models later this year

Apple has had CarPlay around for a number of years now. It was originally announced at the 2013 WWDC alongside iOS 7, dubbed iOS in the Car at the time it has taken a while to catch on, but as it stands 2016 looks to be the year of the next generation of in car infotainment systems. Both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are becoming very popular this year with […]

Google announces Google Home, a competitor to Amazon Echo

Google is getting into a lot of home related products lately, a few months back the company launched Google OnHub, a smart WiFi router which strips away all the technicalities and complications usually associated with routers and the latest product is called Google Home. Revealed at Google I/O earlier today it’s a WiFi connected speaker with a integrated voice assistant, similar in operation to Amazon Echo. Google Home, like Echo will […]

Google creates iOS keyboard, included built in Google search

Google famously supports the iOS platform really well and ironically a lot of the apps are much better than the versions on Android. But now Google have released a keyboard app for the iPhone and iPad which allows you to search the internet, look for GIFs and grab quick weather reports too. It’s called Gboard and it can find anything online from your keyboard. The Principal Enginner at Google, Rajan […]

Deal: Acer Revo One PC now £299.99

The Acer Revo One small desktop computer has been around for a few years now but it features enough power to do some homework on for kids or run a Plex Server. It has a Intel Core i3 running at 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drier and comes with Windows 8.1. It might be a bit underpowered but due to it’s large hard drive it could act as a mini […]

Apple is offering students a discount on Apple Music

Apple is now offering a heavy discount on Apple Music subsections, eligible students who apply can get 50% off the monthly cost of the music service. This was confirmed a few days ago by the company, which is now offering the discount in seven countries around the world. These plans still come with all the same functionality as the regular plans and access to all the music, Beats 1 and […]