BT basic fibre plan now boosted to 52Mbps

No questions, BT is one of the biggest broadband suppliers in the UK and keeping up with speed demands in this country is a ongoing battle to supply everyone with much faster broadband and to help this cause, BT has automatically boosted the speed of the BT Infinity 1 fibre package, which is the basic Infinity package BT sell, increasing the speed from 38 to 52mbps – giving a 32% speed increase. […]

Verizon is giving users 2GB extra data for trying Android Pay

Verizon has a new deal out with Google and ties in with Android Pay, Google’s competitor to Apple Pay. Verizon may be one of the more pricier carriers in the US, but from time to time they do give out some freebies and this latest one is geared around Android Pay, Verizon will be giving up to 2GB extra on your data plan if you try it out a few times, […]

How to get WiFi to the garden – #HomeNetworkingMonth

As part of our Home Networking Month, our next topic is getting WiFi into your garden so you can stream music or internet radio while having a BBQ and with summer coming up what better time to get this installed and spending the time to perfect it. The general problem with a lot of households and their wireless network is that it generally routers aren’t powerful enough to provide sufficient […]

Tesla releases new revised Model S, with faster charging

Earlier this week, Tesla surprised everyone with a revised version of the Model S bringing a new front grill, actually removing it entirely to bring the design inline with the new Model X SV and slightly revised headlights. Since its original introduction in 2012 the Model S has many revisions but the latest one is the first to change the appearance this much. This new model brings the look more inline […]

AT&T increases upgrade cost, also matches Verizon

The carriers in the US just seem to be battling with prices and upgrade rewards lately, and the latest offer extends this further. Starting last year, AT&T decided to start charging customers $15 to upgrade to a new phone that was purchased outright and now to keep up with Verizon it has been increased to $20. Droid Life noted this change a few days ago. How does this work? This charge is implemented […]

Facebook Live is now easier to find in search

Facebook originally unveiled it’s live video streaming feature a few months back and at the time only celebrities could use it but only just recently, Facebook added support for everyone to use Live videos and now as there is so many people streaming online now, the social media company has added in a new search feature, well more adjusting the existing system to better accommodate Live video, making it easier to […]

Android Auto is now available in 18 more countries

As CarPlay is expanding week by week, Google is also focusing on making Android Auto available in more countries and in more cars. Just this week, Google has expanded the in-car-infotainment to 18 more countries. Android Auto is now available these countries and more Austria Brazil Colombia Switzerland India Russia Puerto Rico

Barclay’s now finally supports Apple Pay in the UK

It’s taken the bank quite a while now, but finally starting from today users who have a bank account with Barclays or a credit card with Barclaycard can now add their cards to Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and use it in stores and in apps. Last year when the service was made available in the UK, nearly all of the major banks signed up for support […]

What’s the best home CCTV system? – #HomeNetworkingMonth

As part of our Home Networking Month, one of the most requested articles we promised as well as a few others was “What is the best CCTV system for the home.” So that’s what this article is on, now we have looked at the market and there are plenty avaible out there, such as the Nest Camera, Phillips and more. But one that caught our eye is the Ubiquiti UniFi Video […]

Microsoft is now shipping the developer version of HoloLens

It’s Microsoft’s big conference today, Build 2016 and today the HoloLens is now shipping to developers after the pre-orders opened in February for $3,000 a pop, for developers. This latest version of HoloLens is intended for developers to further optimise their apps and holograms for when the final device launches. In the picture above, this is also the first time we have had a look at the latest version of […]