AirPlay 2 and iTunes coming soon to Samsung Smart TVs

On Sunday last week, Samsung announced that it has been working with Apple on some pretty big news. For the first time since Apple adopted iTunes on Windows back in 2003, iTunes content will be coming to an additional non-Apple platform. iTunes on Samsung It may seem like iTunes is coming to Samsung TVs, but it’s Apple’s movies and tv shows from iTunes which are coming to Samsung’s range of […]

Samsung’s Bixby Voice won’t ship on the Galaxy S8

Samsung is very close to shipping the new Galaxy S8, arguably the company’s most important launch in a few years. The S8 is the company’s first flagship phone to be launched since the battery incidents with the Note 7 late last year. One of the main features of the handset is the Bixby voice assistant. A rival to Apple’s Siri and Google’s “Now” assistant. However today Samsung has revealed that when […]

New Samsung Galaxy S8 adverts show off new Infinity Display

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is due to go on sale at the end of this month on April 21, but to help build the hype up for the release Samsung has released a couple of adverts highlighting the features of the new flagship. Breaking Out This ad shows a boxing ring video, along with some other clips all being shown on a old style phone. Showing the big size […]

Samsung Pay is now available in India

Samsung’s own mobile payment system, akin in functionality to Apple Pay and Android Pay is now available for use in India. Samsung Pay has partnered with some of the major banks in the county, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICIC Bank, AMEX, Citi and Standard Chartered. Samsung is pushing the not so well known service even more lately, with Android Pay also available on the same devices, the market share is […]

New leaks for Samsung Galaxy S8 show “Infinity Display”

The next big release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is very close, the rumours and speculation are now heating up for what we might see in the new phone. So far we know that the press event is at the end of March on the 29th. Also, trademarks have been found for an “Infinity Display” This is the Samsung Galaxy S8, launching March 29 — Evan Blass (@evleaks) […]

Android Nougat is now available for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

When a new version of Android is released, it usually take a good few months for it too reach certain phones. But today Samsung is adding support for the latest version of Android, Nougat to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung of course have added their own twist to Google’s design with smatterings of TouchWiz elements. While Android Nougat was launched back in August, it still seems to take […]

Samsung will reveal details of the exploding Note 7 this month

In the late part of last year, Samsung were in quite a bit of trouble with the Galaxy Note 7. Prelude Samsung launched the phone back in August – just in time to beat the Apple to the iPhone 7 announcement, which happened in the first few weeks in September, unfortunately just shortly after the Note 7 being shipped, reports began appearing of the phone catching fire or even exploding whilst charging. Most […]

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 causes fire on plane

The big thing that has been making the headlines is that Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone – the Galaxy Note 7 has been exploding, causing serious burns to people, fires and the latest issue, a fire on a flight from Louisville to Baltimore. Samung has been fighting this issue for a number of weeks where batteries inside the Galaxy Note 7 were exploding and injuring users and causing numerous fires. To combat […]

Samsung launches new 4G Tizen phone in India

Samsung has long used Android to power the large majority of it’s smartphones, but in recent years and also quite recently the in house developed Tizen operating system has been cropping up on some lower priced Samsung phones. The most recent phone to received the Tizen treatment is aimed at the emerging markets, most directly India. the new Samsung Z2 starts at £51 ($68 or 4,590 INR). As the price […]

Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd

The awaited phone of the year from Samsung has a release date set. The Korean company today revealed that the new Galaxy Note 7 will be announced in the next few weeks on August 2nd, in New York. The new phone will be available in the UK again and read on below for all the information on the new and upcoming phone. Note 7? The Galaxy Note series is hugely popular […]