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Ring Doorbells now have package detection

Amazon has announced today that the Ring Doorbells now have package detection, which is something a lot of competing doorbells have already. Package detection is coming as of today to the US and other countries, to the Ring Pro 2 and the Ring Video Doorbell (2020). However, for this feature to work in the best way, a tall view for the camera is needed, only the Pro 2 has this […]

Philips is set to launch new brighter Hue bulbs soon

Philips, one of the market leaders for smart home light bulbs is planning on expansing its product line, Hue with more brighter bulbs as well as more products in its filament range. Philips is working on making its standard LED bulbs brighter, as currently the maximum brightness is 806 lumens. Philips is working on having bulbs with a maximum brightness of 1,100 lumens as well as a larger model of […]

Arlo’s wired doorbell now supports HomeKit

Earlier this month, Arlo has updated its own wired video doorbell to support HomeKit, but only at a basic level so now support for HomeKit Secure Video here yet it seems. However without Secure Video, standard HomeKit does allow for viewing of live footage only, as well as integrating with any automations. To get the integration to work, you’ll need the following firmware or newer to be on the basestation: […]

Ring is starting to add end-to-end encryption for some users

It is surprising, especially in 2021 that Ring hasn’t used end-to-end encryption (E2E) up until now, being a security device it should have had this ages and ages ago, but here we are. A few days ago the company announced that end-to-end encryption will be rolling out as of the 13th January 2021 and at the moment it is in a technical preview phase, users who want to use it […]

The Ring Neighbours app has been exposing users precise locations

For those who don’t use the Ring system for doorbells and security cameras it has a Neighbours app designed for a whole community to use, as a neighbourhood watch type of service and there isn’t a need for any Ring hardware at all. However, like the hardware and services Ring offers, the app now is suffering from some privacy issues. The Neighbours app has ben exposing the precise locations and […]

LIFX working on Adaptive Lighting feature for HomeKit

When Apple launched iOS 14, a new feature called Adaptive Lighting was introduced and the support for it is down to the light manufacturers to update their lights, so far Philips is the only company who has added support and it seems LIFX is working on it, according to a thread on Reddit. Adaptive Lighting will allow the lights to adjust the temperature over the course of the day with […]

LIFX introduces new ‘LIFX Clean’ range of WiFi light bulbs

A few days ago, LIFX introduced a new line of their WiFi smart light bulbs which can emit germicidal antibacterial light to disinfect the area around the bulb and the surfaces too. LIFX Clean has passed the safety testing it needs to and according to the company, will help get rid of any harmful bacteria. The new LIFX Clean bulbs come in the original A19 and A60 bulbs and work […]